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Product Review: DI Microfiber Glass Polishing Towel


Another DI Microfiber product that I fell in love with recently!  As with all my reviews, here’s the description from the site:

“The Glass Microfiber Towel is designed specifically to be a lint free and streak free way to clean your glass. Its tight weave clings to glass making it very difficult for streaks and contaminates to be left behind. The tight bond it forms with the glass helps the force exerted from your hand be more evenly distributed throughout the glass cleaning process. Use one side of the towel to apply a glass cleaner and then buff away any residue with a dry part of the towel. This towel can be washed (no fabric softener) and re-used over and over again. If you are used to paper towels, newspapers, rags or other tools to clean glass you will be thoroughly impressed with this microfiber glass towel.”

The DI Microfiber Glass Polishing Towel is one of those items that first seems like it’s just another product sold by a manufacturer and nothing more.  I’ve been detailing on a regular basis for over 5 years now and managed to do quality work earning me a great reputation, without ever using a “glass towel”.  So this should just be another towel to me, right?  Wrong!

Sometime last fall, I started having issues with my normal microfiber towels leaving some lint when cleaning dirty glass, which, as you can easily imagine, got quite annoying.  I noticed the new glass towel on the Detailed Image website, so I just decided to give it a shot.  I was hoping for a little improvement to my current towels in the above mentioned conditions, so I simply expected the new towel to leave no lint and do pretty good work at cleaning dirty windows.  Needless to say, I got exactly what I expected and then some.

This towel is exactly what I have always wanted for glass cleaning.  It’s a very nice size that can be folded so it doesn’t flop around like larger towels.  It’s also extremely thin due to the tiny fibers, which work wonders by the way, so it’s easy to push into some indents and clean edges of any glass on the car.  As mentioned, the thin fibers on this towel are amazing at cleaning glass and leaving a streak free finish.  In fact, I’ll have to disagree with the above description, in that you can usually simply apply the cleaner to a section of the towel, wipe the glass to clean it, then just keep wiping to a streak free finish.  No need to turn over to a dry side.  On vehicles with mildly dirty windows and some polishing dust on the outside, I can usually clean all the glass with only one of these towels.

If I had to nitpick, I would only say that it’s a bit awkward to hold when you first start using it.  This is due to the size and shape of it so it’s nothing negative, just something I noticed.  Plus I’m 6’2 and have fairly large hands, so it might just be me.  Either way, after using it on a few detail jobs, I have no issues while holding it and working with it.

In conclusion, the DI Microfiber Glass Polishing Towel is another must have tool in my opinion.  It works much better than any other towel I’ve tried and I don’t see myself going back or trying anything in the near future.  If anyone is on the fence about giving it a shot, I would easily say go for it.  Hell if I could I’d give one of those 30-day guarantees as I know anyone will like this towel after trying it.

Thanks to all for reading and I encourage all to comment with their experience using this towel.

Below are a few photos I took recently while using the towel to remove a smudge of who knows what on the windshield.

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3 comments on Product Review: DI Microfiber Glass Polishing Towel

  1. Robert Boughton says:

    Excellent review Ivan, the lintless results are a must, that is why in the past we used news papers to clean glass when detailing cars. Now we use microfiber towels.

  2. Ray Scott says:

    I have 2 of these towels and they are awesome.

  3. michelle says:

    I would like to speak to some one on the phone but I cant find a #

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