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Product Review: Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Wax


Dodo Juice Supernatural carnauba wax gets a lot of questions on many different forums. Because of Dodo Juice’s product and advertising strategy, their Supernatural wax is available for as little as $30 for their sample size pot.

While the 30ml and 200ml sizes come in acrylic cases, the full sized 250ml portion comes in an Iroku hardwood container. Not only is this 8.5oz container made from a sustainable resource, it looks beautiful AND can be sent back to the United Kingdom to be refilled (for a fee) once you run out.

supernatural tub on 430 scud


Being the flagship of Dodo Juice’s wax lineup, it follows the same philosophy of their entire Supernatural line of products (many not yet available in the United States): ultra pure products with no added perfumes/scents, no added color, and nothing but the highest quality ingredients to achieve the best possible result. The consequence of having an ultra-pure high quality carnauba wax (sans ingredients that don’t actually add to the gloss or durability) is something unique to this product that gives it a supernatural result; giving the product its name.

Initial Observations:

Because carnauba is the hardest natural wax, it takes strong solvents to suspend it in a form that can be safely applied to paintwork. Car waxes that have ultra high carnauba contents are often much harder in their composition, and Dodo Juice Supernatural is no different. In addition to the hard feel, some people might notice a “lumpy feel” or “grain” to the wax itself, which are small amounts of carnauba. Dodo Juice has described their Supernatural as a “living recipe” that they continuously tweek as they see fit. Some of the factors that have influenced small changes to their formula seem to have been both real-world durability, and feedback from professional detailers and enthusiasts of their feelings of the wax. While I’m not sure how many times the formula has been changed, I can confirm it has been done so at least 3 times. I originally purchased a sample pot prior to buying the full size wood tub, and I can tell that while they both have the same look on a vehicle, they both have the same durability, and application is pretty much the same, they have different consistencies; with the small size being more grainy and my full size tub being much smoother.
In all cases, you’ll notice the color being the faint tan color that comes from the brownish/yellowish carnauba (there’s no “white” carnauba as it is either carnauba in shavings that appears white, or is bleached to appear white), combined with other ingredients such as the solvents that are used to keep the wax in suspension.
The last initial observation that you’ll notice is the bland wax smell. Unlike the rest of the Dodo Juice waxes, Supernatural doesn’t smell fruity, tasty, or exotic. It smells like nothing in particular as purity is a key to the Supernatural line.

supernatural 430 scud door


Not a buttery type of wax like Pinnacle Souveran or Dodo Juice Orange Crush, Supernatural is harder to apply and takes much more focus to apply properly. The harder consistency means your applicator pad doesn’t pick the product up as easy, and the unusually high amount of carnauaba in the formula means that you need to apply the wax as thin as humanly possible to avoid re-hazing or sweating (I’ll address these two problems later in the article). The good news is that the solvents in this wax aren’t especially fast acting or strong. If you’ve ever caught a whiff of an old-school wax that has a strong solvent smell and is a pain to remove because it sets like concrete, this isn’t like that!

supernatural applied on an acura TL roof

Apply a super thin layer to all areas you choose (any hard surfaces you have prepped for wax), and then wait about thirty minutes or so before removing the residue in the same order it was applied. Warmer or drier climates can wait less, cooler and more humid climates should give the wax longer to set as temperature (and humidity) can have a huge influence on how fast or slow liquids (like solvents) evaporate. Application should be thin enough that it is hard to see where you have waxed over already unless you look from the correct angle.

supernatural on 430 Scub engine bay

supernatural on 430 Scub door jam

supernatural on 430 Scud door

supernatural setting on an acura TL

Once fully set, the wax residue will have a slightly cloudy appearance that should still be somewhat hard to see if applied thin enough. Buff the residue off with a clean and soft microfiber towel such as the DI Great White or the DI Ultra Plush microfiber towel. Deionized (pure) water can be spritzed to aid in removal if you’re having trouble (preferably ice-cold water).

Re-hazing and Sweating:

Re-hazing is the most common issue with a wax (or sealant even) and occurs when the product is applied too thick, isn’t given enough time to set, or a combination of both these factors. If you apply the product too thick to the finish, the wax that is touching the paint itself doesn’t dry properly or enough while the outside of the residue ends up hazing over giving you that “crust” that you’re looking for which is an indicator the wax is ready to be removed. Once you remove the wax residue that is dried, the remaining wax residue that hasn’t dried begins to set on your paint. This re-hazing can occur to part of the vehicle (if you apply wax thicker to certain areas), or the whole vehicle. Most people that have dealt with some of these high-end waxes have experienced this first hand: they get done performing some outstanding work to a vehicle, wax it, come back 30 minutes later, and observe some spotty cloudiness which makes them want to pull their hair out. If you encounter this problem know you’re not alone, and it will go away. If you see hazing, wait another 15-45 minutes before you wipe the car back down to give the wax more time to set. Carefully wipe away the residue again, give the paint another good 20-30 minutes and re-check for haze.

Sweating affects few waxes, but Supernatural is one of them. This is a problem that seems to be unique to ultra-high carnauba content waxes. While re-hazing gives a cloudy look right away, “sweating” will happen most often within 24-48 hours of application if the car is outside in the sun and will appear as what seems to be sweat drops on the finish. This is most notable on dark colored cars (you can see anything on a dark colored cars and dark colored cars absorb a lot more heat than lighter colors), and most often occurs on larger panels in direct sunlight that absorb more heat (the hood, roof, and trunk lid). The best solution is to wait until the paint is completely cooled off and wipe the affected area with deionized (pure) water.

Results and Benefits:

If you think Dodo Juice Supernatural is fussy, you might be right, but there’s a reason so many people swear by it. Few waxes seem to provide the combination of clarity and depth that Supernatural does. While I love some other waxes on red paint, I often hate them on black because I feel they don’t give enough shine and clarity to the paint. Supernatural, on the other hand, is my favorite wax on black cars without a doubt.

supernatural on an acura TL

While I’m truly stunned at Supernatural’s look on black, its look is just as alluring and magnificent on red, pearlescent, and metallic finishes. Nearly any wax will provide a deep and wet look, but Supernatural somehow balances this while still shining true to the color’s origin; hence why I think it looks outstanding on metallics and pearls. It doesn’t dim the flake and pearl like some other waxes may. Even carbon fiber weave has outstanding clarity while appearing dripping wet.

supernatural on a 430 Scud mirror

A wet and liquid look? Supernatural can handle that:

supernatural on a 430 Scub wet

Clarity of the finish underneath? Dodo Juice Supernatural can handle that as well:

supernatural on a 430 Scub sun shot

supernatural on a 430 Scud sun shot and engine bay

As if using it on client’s cars continously doesn’t speak volumes of what our detailing company feels about this product, may I also note that this is the only product Jacob of AutoLavish has used on his stunning BMW M3 for the last few years.

e36 M3 in Detroit wearing Dodo Juice Supernatural

So whether you’re looking for a wax you can use during all the non-snowing months of the year, looking for a product to compliment the hard work you’ve put into the finish of your vehicle, or want a high quality wax you can use on any car regardless of the color, you might want to consider Dodo Juice’s Supernatural wax.

e36 M3 wearing Supernatural at the show

Your car show results may vary 😉
Happy Detailing!
-Marc and Jacob from AutoLavish Fine Automobile Care of Michigan

Marc Harris and Jacob Bunyan
Auto Lavish
Rochester, MI

24 comments on Product Review: Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Wax

  1. Stelian says:

    Congratulations Marc for this great review. I have this wax and I’ve tried on a Nissan GTR. It’s a very good wax. Try to apply with your hands, more fun 😛

  2. Brian says:

    Nice article! I love this wax but I’ve never felt it was hard to work with.

    • Marc Harris says:

      Great to hear Brian. Most people won’t have any complaints, but most of that has to do with application. Apply thin and you should be fine. Thanks for giving your feedback 🙂

  3. Marc,

    Thanks for taking the time to put together such an informative review of Dodo Juice Supernatural. Yes, some of the high-end waxes can be finicky at times, but they pay off in the results!

    • Marc Harris says:

      My pleasure Todd,
      You’re right that some high end waxes can be slightly more involving to use, but I’m sure we all agree it’s worth any extra step or care.

  4. Art says:

    Very good detailed review Marc!

    In your opinion, applying Menzerna Power Lock and Dodo Supernatural will be an extra protection or just a wast of time and money?

    • Marc Harris says:

      Good questions Art, and in my opinion, I like the idea of applying a wax like Supernatural over a nice slick sealant like PowerLock. Waxes seem to spread a little easier over a sealant. While sealants seem to give better overall durability, I really feel like waxes such as Dodo Juice Supernatural give better resistance to etching which helps against bird-bombs, hard water, and other mis-happening.

  5. Tim H. says:

    I was wondering on what occasion you would most likely use a product like this. I’m thinking it is fairly obvious you wouldn’t put it on an 86 Accord with 300,000 miles. Is a product like this more likely applied to a show car, trailer queen or museum car? Just trying to get a little insight.


    • Brian says:

      I use it during the summer months on a 2008 Mazda 3 which I know is no show car but I love to give it the best. I don’t feel it’s a great winter wax unless you have a garge to top it up in.

      • Marc Harris says:

        I agree Brian. The new Mazda 3’s have some nice body lines, and a great wax is a nice way to help protect your investment.
        I wouldn’t trust any protective product to last the entire Winter season here in Michigan. I’d much rather do on or two Winter washes that allow me to add additional protection afterwards.
        Thanks for chiming in!

    • Marc Harris says:

      Great observation and question. Many people wonder about things like what to use an expensive product on thinking that such a wax must only be used on uber expensive toys. I urge you and other to consider this: Dodo Juice Supernatural might be more expensive than most products, but it is a serious competitor to waxes that range in the $400-8,400 price range, so you’re truly getting a bargain.
      Because we use products based off client’s needs, it is rare we’d pick this product for the ’86 Accord with 300,000 miles like you talked about. Not because that little old Honda wouldn’t look great with it, but because the chances are that client needs maximum durability, in which case we’d go with a sealant.
      With a great product that is priced low to its competition, I believe in using this wax any chance I get: I love it! A little goes a long way, so there’s no fear of running out anytime too soon. I originally purchased the 30ml sample and used it on my car 5 times and still had half left.

      My Sony Playstation 3, my dad’s new LED HDTV, my sunglasses, and my car have all worn (or are currently wearing) a layer of Supernatural carnauba wax.

      • …..My Sony Playstation 3, my dad’s new LED HDTV, my sunglasses, and my car have all worn (or are currently wearing) a layer of Supernatural carnauba wax…..

        Marc, I think we need to have a talk. 🙂

        • Marc Harris says:

          Oh come on Rasky, don’t tell me you you don’t like to have some fun with your detailing supplies! My detailing doesn’t just stop with a car 🙂

  6. Michael says:

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Supernatural in the 60ml stick format. They had to alter the formula for it to work in stick form and while I understand this is needed, I also am concerned how it effects the final appearance and function of the wax.

    • Marc Harris says:

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to your comment, but yes, we have the Supernatural Stick and have used it multiple times. The Stick formula has less carnauba in it to allow it to be easier to form and apply to a pad which can then be used on a PC7424XP or other DA polisher.
      The idea of the product is that it allows it to be applied by machine: a way that many like to apply their sealant for thinner and more even coverage The problem is that the wax is just too hard to easily glide across the surface compared to Blackfire, Powerlock, or any other liquid sealant, even with the tweaked formula. It seems that the easiest way to apply a carnauba wax is still by hand.

  7. Adam B says:

    I read this somewhere and I can’t find it now, but would you apply a soft wax on top of this hard wax, or would you apply lets say a dodo juice soft wax before applying the hard supernatural wax?

    • Marc Harris says:

      You certainly have the option of applying a layer of a different wax over this if you so choose to. Those that enjoy layering Dodo Juice waxes usually add a second layer of the same wax, or use a soft wax over a hard wax.

      Personally, I never top Supernatural unless it’s with a product like Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical after a wash. Supernatural is such a great looking and performing wax (not to mention it’s not cheap), I don’t know why anyone would want to cover it!

      • Adam B says:

        I understand, a better combo would probably be the purple haze with blue velvet on top, I’ll give supernatural a shot first by itself and maybe next time to wax I’ll try that combo, thanks Marc!

        • Marc Harris says:

          Sounds great Adam. It’s surely worth experimenting with different combinations for the fun factor alone. Make sure to give a review to your findings: I’m sure others will benefit from your opinions. Happy detailing!

  8. Mark says:

    A few waxes will give a deeper look on certain very dark colors, a few will give a sharper crisper look on very light colors, but no wax in my experience does everything as well as SN. I’ve seen Royal Glaze, Crystal Rock, Fuzion, and all the rest, and of course they look great (duh). But I would put SN up against any of them any day of the week. The wooden pot will last you the rest of your life and you get a free refill. One word of caution: Use as many coats as you want, but apply each coat as thinly as humanly possible. This wax will haze and sweat very easily.

  9. Marct885 says:

    Hi all! I must start by saying thanks for a good read thru all of your comments! I’m using supernatural hybrid on my reflex silver 25th anniversary golf, this car has had many different waxes/treatments used on it and I would like to ask if it is ok to put 3 coats of SN on over 3 days followed by a further coat of autoglym life shine? Any help is much appreciated!

  10. Eric says:

    I don’t think I can praise this wax enough.

    I use this as well as the “fruity” flavored waxes from DodoJuice. Hands down this has got to be the BEST wax I’ve used. I use it on my red 911 Turbo and dark silver JCW MINI Cooper. This wax does an outstanding job in each paint. AWESOME wax!!

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