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Product Review: Griot’s Garage Carpet Cleaner



When doing interiors, I always reach for a product that will allow me to clean without having to get an extractor. To me, not every car needs to have the carpets extracted and take 4 hours to clean! Sometimes, just a light cleaning is all that is needed and for that process, I have been finding myself reaching for the Griot’s Garage Carpet Cleaner and a microfiber towel.

Instructions are pretty straight forward … spray on, let sit, wipe away! This product does not come with a trigger, however the DI Accessories Adjustable Trigger fits this bottle great!

Lets get started:

Stain started out like this:

And ended up looking like this:

As you can see, 10 seconds later it was removed with ease. In fact, the surrounding carpet needs to be cleaned now! There was no soapy residue for me and that is a good thing because soap will attract dirt. I have seen it many times where a car had some detail work done to it and the carpets were full of shampoo even after repeated extractions. The Griot’s Garage Carpet Cleaner would remove that issue altogether! Oh and the smell, its pretty mild and neutral, no harsh chemical smell nor a fruity smell either! I don’t like it when interiors smell like the fruit bowl I had for lunch the previous day!

If you are looking for a very easy product to use, I would not hesitate to reach for the Griot’s Garage Carpet Cleaner and a microfiber towel!

Eric Schuster Envious Detailing
Eric Schuster
Envious Detailing
Orange County, CA

9 comments on Product Review: Griot’s Garage Carpet Cleaner

  1. jim says:

    Poor review. About as informative as ready the instructions o the bottle. Review should include info such as what type of stain(s) did you try it on, how and what you used to apply it. What type of carpet ie blend, wool, or at least what kind of carpet materials and not on others. How about other uses?Does product recommend use on certain How easy was it to apply and how did you apply it? Scrubbing/drying time. And certainly more than just one simple stain. Why must you now do the whole carpet? “Soap will attract dirt” What? Didn’t you rinse? another lapse in product application.

  2. Paul says:

    Would be nice to know if this product works for road salt stains.

    • Richard says:

      Not to steal thunder, but we’re in Minnesota, and this has been a brutal winter, with tons of salt. One of our cars is a black Hyundai with black floor mats. I was at a loss after trying a couple of products. (We found the Hyundai mats are terrible to get them to drain and dry-out. Even throwing them out into freezing air didn’t work, which is a sure way to dry materials out. – Cold air can’t hold moisture so it’s very dry, and that draws the moisture out of anything that is in that air. It’s counter-intuitive, but that’s physics.)
      Anyway, we tried something we have used at home and it was the best so far. Now understand, we are not trying to advertise anything, and we don’t make anything from it. The product was BioGreenClean. We diluted it to about 1:3(water). Sprayed the mats with the hose, poured off what would come out; then sprayed liberally with the cleaner. Let it set for 3-5 minutes, and sprayed with the hose again. It all came out, and the blacks remained black and the silver embroidery stayed silver ( a little darker, but silver).

  3. eric schuster says:

    Jim –

    I already mentioned how I used it in the quick review…microfiber towel, spray on, let sit, wipe to remove in just 10 seconds…easy to use. There is no way for me to know what the stains are by looking at it in most cases. Could be coffee, could be dirt, grass, food oil, etc…could be all mixed into one! This cleaner worked well on the last 20 cars I have used it on as a general carpet cleaner. I mentioned the rest of the carpet needed to be cleaned because the spot I worked on looks really good making it noticeable just how dirty the rest of the area actually is. A simple mist all over and a wipe down makes it all look uniform. I mentioned it only took 10 seconds to work as well. Drying time, that varies..outside in the sun, inside a shop, etc. Your drying time will vary based on your condition, how much you used, if you are letting it air dry or using a dryer, etc. The type of carpet doesn’t matter so much. Its a general carpet cleaner and will be safe on all carpets. I wouldn’t use it on anything else, so I’m not sure what you mean by other uses as its not an APC that can be diluted for wheels, interior, leather, engine compartments. Its a great product to use instead of having to shampoo the whole carpet when its not always necessary or there isn’t enough time to do so. (shampooing carpets takes much longer to spray, scrub, rinse and takes even longer to dry). Some carpets this wouldn’t be good for as they are too dirty. It’s not a replacement for shampooing, but rather a great product for general cleaning of carpets when shampooing isn’t necessary

    Paul, I don’t ever see road salt so I couldn’t tell you. Its worth a shot as I have used it on general grime, spilled coffee, and grass stains with success.

  4. Good feedback on the product Eric. Does the cleaner foam up when hit with a hot water extractor?

  5. jim says:

    Eric, your response was longer than your review. Put them together and it would have made a more thorough review. However the TYPE of carpet COULD have mattered greatly as not all carpet cleaners can be used on all carpets. Also, although this product is called “Carper Cleaner”, even Griots touts it as a stain remover not as a product for a complete cleaning or shampooing. You addressed neither. “Drying time varies” ??? This was YOUR review, my question was what was YOUR drying time. If you are “not sure” of what my question about other uses meant? You apparently understood it when you wrote your reply. Again I ask “Soap will attract dirt” What?

  6. Ray Scott says:

    Jim needs to learn how to spell and speak English “ready the instructions o the bottle”??? Anger management help anyone?

  7. robersilva says:

    Very aggressive cleaning agent. Need to be careful with him. Do not overdo. But for removing old stains, this cleaner is excellent. Thanks, found out about it from this review.

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