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Product Review: Grit Guard Insert


Every once in a while a great new tool is created for the detailing industry. Most great tools are created for the polishing side of the industry and are very advanced. But after thinking about all of the great tools we have available there is still one very simple product that tops all of the others. The simple invention of the Grit Guard Insert has completely changed the way that we all wash automobiles.


Swirls have always been dreaded by detailers and car enthusiasts and the majority of swirls are caused by dirty wash medium. Before the grit guard was invented it was hard to keep the dirt from the automobile out of the wash medium you were using. This product has solved that problem in more than one way. The first way is that the grit guard insert now gives a grating surface to rub our wash meduim on to release trapped dirt. Secondly, the grit guard helps prevent the dirty water from stirring around in the bucket drawing dirt back to the top of the bucket. The fins on the bottom of the grit guard insert act as a barrier to block water from moving around in the bucket. Since the water can’t move, the dirt on the bottom of the bucket stays on the bottom instead of moving to the top to get into your wash medium again. Since the invention of the grit guard we can completely rinse our wash medium in between washing panels to prevent swirls.


To be most effective it is a good idea to use two grit guard inserts in your wash bucket and your rinse bucket.


Because of this great product you can wash your cars without worrying about swirls as much, even if you have a black car. As far as the detailing industry has come in the past few years, I would still rate this as one of the most innovative products presented to the industry. For best washing results please review The Grit Guard 2×4 Wash Method.

Thanks for reading!

Addison Good of Good Guys Detailing
Addison Good
Good Guys Detailing
South Florida

5 comments on Product Review: Grit Guard Insert

  1. Adam B says:

    My grit guards don’t fit at the very bottom of my buckets, I use two in each but my buckets have a little bit of a slope at the bottom so my guard wind up sitting a quarter of a way up the bucket, it does separate the dirt but I dont think it does as good of a job, should I buy new buckets and do you think its worth it to buy the 100 dollar kit from Grit Guard?

  2. Lawson Baron says:

    Great article. I’ve been reading detailing forums for almost two years and I’ve only heard or
    ” Washing with theTwo Bucket Method ” I have never seen what you do with the grit guards after you put them in the bucket. They’re for rubbing the wash mit on. Now I know.

  3. James says:

    I bought buckets and grit guards from another site and the grit guard did not sit flush to the bottom. This is the whole point to keep the water from swirling the dirt. I then purchased buckets from DI and the grit guards fit flush in the bottom. The DI buckets were actually cheaper than the ones I purchased from another site. I would definitely recommend finding a bucket that the grit guard will sit flush.

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