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Product Review: Gyeon Q2 Rim


Wheel coatings have become one of the most popular coatings on the market.  Vehicle manufacturer’s are now offering car’s and SUV’s with performance oriented brakes, that produce far more brake dust causing you to clean your wheels more frequently.  Consumers want a product that is user friendly, easy to apply, and will live up to the manufacturers claims.  We were excited to try out Gyeon Q2 Rim and put the claims up to a true test!  With up to six month’s protection, and a temperature range up to 527 degrees Fahrenheit, dirt and brake dust will be easily washed away.  Gyeon Rim also protects the wheels from harsh chemicals from a pH of 2 to 11.  Allowing you to use your preferred wheel cleaner of choice.

With any ceramic coating, prep plays a large factor in how well your specific application will perform.  A dedicated iron remover such as Gyeon Iron will help loosen embedded contaminants creating a clean surface for your application.  Some wheels may require a tar remover such as Gyeon Tar to insure all surfaces are properly prepped and clean.  Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the wheels, Gyeon Prep is required to remove any oil, grease, or residue before applying your wheel coating.

Ceramic coatings have the ability to change the sheen of certain surfaces.  Not all coatings are recommended for satin or matte surfaces.  Gyeon Rim on the other hand is safe to use on various wheel finishes, and enhances the depth of matte or satin wheels as shown in Jeff McEachran’s article.  We applied the coating over the satin style bronze on our wheels, and the coating really brought the color to life.

The application process of Gyeon Rim is very consumer friendly.  We began with priming the application pad before working it on a section at a time.  Our wheels are small, and very simple to apply the coating on so it gave us the ability to work it onto a larger area.  As with most ceramic coating applications.  You will want to apply Gyeon Rim in a cross hatch style where applicable.  Once applied, the product needs very little dwell time before being wiped off.  This can usually be up to 30 seconds.  We prefer to use The Rag Companies Creature Edgeless plush towel to remove the coating.   Be aware that we are also installing the coating in a climate controlled facility.  Specific applications can vary depending on your installation area, temperature, or humidity. If your wheels are more intricate, you may want to work in smaller areas to avoid the coating from beginning to cure.  The suede applicator’s and foam block that are supplied with the coating may make it difficult to apply in tight areas or intricate wheels.  We had to use a DI Microfiber Applicator Pad to get in some of those tight area’s on the wheel’s.

After our application of Gyeon Rim was complete.  We let the coating cure for 48 hours before testing out the self cleaning properties.  Gyeon Rim beads very well, helping to wash loose dirt and brake dust effortlessly from the surface!


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5 comments on Product Review: Gyeon Q2 Rim

  1. Mike says:

    Nice write up. Gyeon Rim is a good product and overall does a good job.

    • Zack Silvernail says:

      It’s also held up exceptionally well. Since doing the article the car has spent time at Virginia International Raceway. The wheels were a breeze to remove melted tire and other contaminants

  2. Bill Pochron says:

    Does it work on PVD COATED RIMS?

  3. pdqgp says:

    I love it. Q2 RIM is my go-to for wheel coatings.

  4. Jeff McEachran says:

    Great article!

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