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Clean Shine Protect
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Gyeon Rim

Gyeon Rim - 30 ml
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Gyeon Rim
30 ml

Product Information

  • Coating that protects your rims from harmful contamination
  • Resistant to extreme heat and various cleaners
  • Helps keep rims cleaner for much longer
  • Lasts up to 6 months on various rim types
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Customer Reviews

88% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 8 ratings

Product Description

Gyeon Rim will allow you to apply coating like protection to your rims with ease! Finally, your rims get some of the love from the coating industry. While your paint was soaking up all the high gloss, durable protection love, your rims sat quietly to the side, waiting for their turn. Well their turn is now the Gyeon Rim! Your rims are exposed to more damaging contaminants than virtually any other area of your vehicle. Potholes, road grime, rocks, salt, brake dust and so much more can cause irreversible damage to the finish of your rims if not taken care of properly. Previously, sealants and waxes could do the job, but they did not do the job for long. You would find yourself cleaning and protecting your rims every few weeks and that can get old quickly. With Gyeon Rim, your rims will be protected for 6 months with one application. Gyeon states this protection is resistant to the extreme heat that rims have to endure up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It features self cleaning properties that help keep your rims cleaning longer. The aforementioned brake dust and road grime will have trouble sticking to the rim, instead falling off and onto the road for some other poor unprotected rims to pick up. When you do decide to spruce your rims up, you will find that cleaning them is easier and much faster. Most harsh chemicals with a pH of between 2 and 11 will also not have an effect on this coating, so feel free to use your favorite rim cleaner if desired! Gyeon also mentioned that Rim is safe for use on various rim types. Pick up the Gyeon Rim today and protect your rims from harmful contamination!

Bonus: 1 applicator, 4 suede cloths, and detailed application manual.

Professional Detailer Reviews

Personally, I am a fan of the look once coated. Paired with the benefit of protecting the finish and easy wash maintenance coating the wheels is of value.

- Gyeon quartz Q2 Rim over Satin or Matte Wheels by Jeff McEachran


Gyeon Q² Rim


From The Label

Product Description

Rim Q2
  • Durable quartz-based rim protection.
  • Keeps your rims clean for longer.
  • Heat resistant, very easy to clean.
  • Suitable for all types and finishes of rims.
  • The coating is resistant to any chemicals with pH from 2 up to 11.
  • Recommended hand & skin protection.
  • Work in a ventilated area.
  • Keep in a dark, dry & cool place.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is a great product for keeping your wheels clean and low maintenance. They shine brighter and and stay cleaner. Gyeon is a great product no matter which product your looking for.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Easy to apply and super slick, my go to for wheels
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I wanted a product that was easy to use on complex black satin rims and Gyeon Rim was just the ticket!! Prep was easy enough and application was a snap! Wipe on, wipe off excess! That easy! Now we'll see how durable it is and how long it will last!

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