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Product Review: Kwazar Sprayer Bottles


When it comes to investing in tools for detailing, spray bottles aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind.  If you’re like me, and you buy a lot of items in gallon sizes, you need a lot of spray bottles so that you can properly mix and dilute chemicals for everyday use.


There are a lot of inexpensive spray bottle options out there, and to be honest, I had never considered a premium bottle until trying the Kwazar bottles.  The difference is tremendous.  The Kwazar bottles are extremely well made, and feature a sturdy, durable plastic bottle with a very nice sprayer attached.  These are a great option for the professional who is tired of replacing spray bottles on a regular basis, or for the enthusiast who wants a long lasting product.

ATD | Kwazar Bottles

Each bottle has an indicator on the side to aid in measurement of all of your chemicals. The high quality seals are resistant to the majority of cleaning chemicals so you can use almost any carpet cleaner, window cleaner, quick detailer, wheel cleaner, degreasers, etc. without fear of harming the components. The sprayer is actually a unique double action trigger, so it sprays as you squeeze it and also as you release it.  This allows for twice the spraying without any additional effort.  At the end of each sprayer is an adjustable knob that will change the output from a fine mist to a stream of liquid.  These bottles are great for rinseless washing solution, wheel and tire cleaning, all purpose cleaners, and so much more.

ATD | Kwazar

There are two different models available on Detailed Image, the Mercury Pro + and Mercury Pro +300.  Each are available in a 500mL and 1000mL size.  The large difference from the Mercury Pro+ 300 model and the Mercury Pro+ Sprayer, is that the Pro+ 300 features a 360 degree feature. The tube inside of the bottle has a weight on the bottom, shown in the photo above, which ensures that no matter how the bottle is oriented, the tube is always able to suck up the liquid.  This feature allows for a continual spray at all angles, so you can spray sideways or even upside down while still using almost all of the detailing chemical in the sprayer!  This can be very handy in certain situations.

If you are tired of cheap spray bottles breaking down or not working well, pick up the Kwazar Sprayer Bottles and you’ll never have that concern again!

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

8 comments on Product Review: Kwazar Sprayer Bottles

  1. Bob says:


    Do you shoot your product photos with a lightbox? They look better than 99% of the product photos on major websites. Must be slower this time of year when you start reviewing spray bottles:) JK. I’d read a review on what chewing gum produces better polishing technique.

    Great review as always.

    • Ha, thanks Bob! I actually wrote the article many months ago… they don’t get published right away. That is up to the guys at DI.

      You might be shocked to know that I shoot all of my product shots on a white bookshelf 🙂 With proper lighting, and a little touch up in post processing, they usually turn out quite well. Depending on the shot I use 2-3 flashes to achieve the look I am going for. If you want more info, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to expand!

  2. Josh Hanzalik says:

    I’ve converted all my sprayers to Mercury and Venus Pro sprayers. Best on the market for sure!

  3. Abraham says:

    Thanks Zach! BTW any experience with the Kwazar Venus Super Foamer? Noticed you don’t carry it.

  4. Jonathan Vincent says:

    I’ve had one out of the four I’ve owned last me for more than 4 mos. That doesn’t cut it for what they charge per bottle. The dual action spray feature is usually what goes first. I’ll pick up the bottle and just get one spritz on the pull stroke…these days I use the grey Vitons with the Griot bottle. Works good for me….btw Zack, you do post some bad ass pics…?

  5. i a says:

    My Venus Super Professional 1.5 Liter Sprayer doesn’t pressureize ?

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