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Product Review: NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponges


Decon Block

You open you eyes, you are in an unfamiliar dark room and see a man standing in front of you. His long black cloak and sunglasses add to your confusion. As you eyes adjust you see his arms extended, holding two small blocks, a red one in the right hand and a blue in the left.

“The choice is yours”, he says “The blue sponge will be much more gentle, safer and more universal. However, it will not work to remove more embedded concomitants. The red sponge is more aggressive and will remove those with ease, but can be dangerous on soft paint and may require you to polish after. Again the choice is yours.”

The lights slowly come on and in the background you see a car, a jet black Jaguar XJ220. Wow you think to yourself this must be a serious collector. As the lights get brighter you see the paint is covered in rail dust and burned rubber by the arches.

“Who are you? Why am I here?”, you ask. “Who I am is of little importance”, the man states “This is a test. You must choose the correct path for this vehicle.”

Always start with the least aggressive method first right? You think to yourself. You grab the blue one, it reads Nanoskin AutoScrub Sponge, Fine Grade. You start to use it on the car and are amazed at how easy it is removing all of the contamination, with no marring at all! However, you get to a section behind the rear wheel arch and it is not budging. You try pressing harder but to no avail. What am i supposed to do? This isn’t aggressive enough to remove this. Everything then goes dark, you open your eyes again and there is the man, standing in front of you with the two sponges in his outstretched hands. he recites the same speech as last time, as if nothing has happened.

I must have chosen the wrong path? You wonder as you reach for the red pad this time, it is the NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge, Medium Grade. You again start on the vehicle and this is working even faster than the last one! You get to that spot on the rear arch and it removes it with ease. The smile grows larger on your face as you are finally going to be done with this. You finish and step away, the light catches the hood and you face drops. The hood is now covered in light marring, the red was too aggressive here.

“The hood was repainted from an accident,” the man bellows, “that paint is much softer than the OEM.” Everything goes black again.

You open your eyes, and here you are again the man, the sponges, the Jaguar in the background, staring at you as if you mock your mistakes. I don’t get it, you think the blue is too fine for everything and the red is too aggressive for everything. Maybe that’s the point! You realize in astonishment.

You reach out and grab BOTH sponges and run over to the car. You use the blue one everywhere and when you get to those rear arches you carefully use the red one. I did it! You think as you step away from the car. It starts to go dark again, but this time when you open your eyes and you are on your couch.

What a weird dream, you say to yourself as you walk to the garage, but those NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponges are really amazing. You walk over to your supplies and stop in your tracks. There they are, the red and blue sponges, still dripping wet.

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

6 comments on Product Review: NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponges

  1. That’s hilarious, love the creativity with the story. It’s a clay product, i think we get it. Thanks guys!

  2. Dean Levett says:

    Brilliant article. I use similar pads. I call them magic sponges, really work well, and save loads of time, and having to get the clay bar out.

  3. Timothy Deichler says:

    Great story/analogy fellas ya’ll have convinced me to add these into my clay arsenal as I’m a loyal customer for life IDA-NATION SALUTE!!!

  4. thomas says:

    Great creativity in telling a story and providing information at the same time! Keep writing my friend. That was outstanding and now I have to go buy red and blue and start off light.

  5. Charles Leake says:

    I have 2 nubee questions.
    1: can I use the blocks on plastics like side bars and bumper covers?

    2: After claying, can I apply the
    Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal, or do I need to apply a polish & wax first?

    Thanks you in advance.

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