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Product Review: Optimum Car Wax


The Optimum Car Wax is sprayed on your paint to quickly add a deep gloss to the surface and valuable protection. Spray it directly on your paint or on an applicator pad and wipe it on the desired areas, then buff off the excess residue. You’ll quickly be impressed with depth and gloss of this wax that applies and removes with ease. In about 15 minutes you can make your entire car look like you just spent all day detailing it. It’s also an environmentally friendly product that has no VOC’s or harsh chemicals. Using a combination of carnauba wax, polymers and other key ingredients you’ll get one of the most well rounded waxes you have ever used. The Optimum Car Wax provides outstanding protection against UV rays, industrial fallout, road grime, moisture, etc. Expect 1 – 2 months of added protection under normal conditions for a daily driver. You can use the Optimum Car Wax just after washing for a quick touch up or after completing a full detail as that perfect last step.

Optimum Car Wax is something I stumbled upon sometime late 2011.  I was looking for a product that provided quick but effective protection to use on my daily driven work vehicle.  I was aware of its existence for a while before then, but I normally dismissed it, as I did all spray waxes as a waste of time and money because they provided at best a couple weeks of protection.  The looks were also nothing to write home about.  So naturally, I never gave it a second look when I saw it online years ago.  Going back to late 2011 though, I started again searching for something that was more of a “spray sealant” rather than a spray wax, which would hopefully provide me with the durability I was after.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for 2-3 months of protection nor did I expect it from a spray-on product, but I did want at least 1 month, maybe going into 2, so I can use it between sealing my car every 3 months or so.  Once I started reading a bit more about what was available, I started looking more and more into the Optimum Car Wax.  Its claims of 5+ months of durability and the polymer makeup had me intrigued so I had to give it a shot.

Needless to say, I was quite impressed by it.  First off, it is extremely easy to apply this wax.  I normally spray a microfiber towel once or twice, then a spray or two on the paint, and wipe it on to apply.  In my article on How I Use a MF Towel, I explain how I fold the towel and use the different sides for polish/wax residue removal.  In the case of Optimum Spray Wax, I follow that same folding technique and it allows me to use only 1 towel, 2 at most, to apply the wax to an entire average sized vehicle.  By using the one side as a “damp” side and the other as “dry”, I wipe in the wax onto the paint with the damp side until it disappears and I can no longer see it under normal lighting conditions, then I wipe that same section with the dry side to ensure all the oily residue is gone and all that’s left is a waxed finish.  This allows me to go around the car fairly quickly and use only 1-2 towels.

Another great thing about the Optimum Car Wax is that it provides a great look on any color or condition of paint.  I use it regularly on some clients’ cars that just want a quick wax applied for protection, in which case it improves the paint color and depth.  On polished vehicles this wax provides a great additional shine along with the protection.  Durability is anywhere from 3-5 weeks on the low end in poor, winter conditions and upwards of 2 months during spring and better weather.  It’s definitely more than I could ask for from a spray wax that is easy to apply, remove and provides great looks.

To bring this to a close, I definitely found exactly what I was looking for in this case.  The easy application and great looks were a huge plus, but most importantly I found the durability of a spray wax I was looking for in the first place.  I now use it regularly on my own car and some clients’ vehicles that I see monthly to provide additional protection in between applying a more durable sealant.  It’s also great for a quick wax job on motorcycles, which I normally do on my Yamaha every 2-4 weeks.

I highly recommend the Optimum Car Wax for anyone that’s in the situation I was in originally, looking for a quick wax job and good protection.

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4 comments on Product Review: Optimum Car Wax

  1. Dave says:

    I agree completely. I started using this last year as a “better than average” QD, and was really impresed with the protection and long life (for a spray).

  2. Garrick Dee says:

    Thank you for sharing this review, interesting that a spray wax like this would last a few weeks – it helps that a car is well maintained, meaning the surface is clayed and waxed to give a clean surface to stick on.

    I’ll try this product to see for myself. If it works for me then it’ll save me a hour of waxing with a foam applicator.


  3. Dan says:

    Optimum Car Wax is what I use for my basic jobs. It offers basic protection and is a great starting point. From there I offer a sealant, hybrid sio2 sealant, then finally a true ceramic coating.

    Personally I like laying down a layer of Opti-Seal and topping it with Car Wax on my personal vehicle.

    Car Wax looks and feels great, and is actually fun to use because I’m laying down substantive protection in a very east way, and it smells incredible.

    Optimun recently added color to some of their products that used to be white, like Opti Clean, Instant Detailer, and Car Wax. The Car Wax is pink in cor now, and it looks great in the new clear bottles.

    Here we are, half way through 2022, and these products Dr. Ghodussi created over a decade ago have become my favorites, even with all that available…. Well done, Dr. G!

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Dan – Happy to hear that you are still enjoying the Optimum products! Even after the years, if you are looking for a quick and easy to apply wax the Optimum Car Wax is one of our favorites!

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