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Product Review: Optimum Power Clean


In ‘s article, 5 car detailing products for beginners their number one choice is Optimum’s Power Clean.  I am going to try to touch on a few reasons why I think they listed this product as the first on their list.

Power Clean really is a wonderful APC.  I wanted to understand why one should use Power Clean over Opti-Clean. Seeing as they have similar names I wanted clarification. I decided to shoot an e-mail off  Dr. David Ghodoussi of Optimum. He quickly gave me a better understanding between the two products, and when Power Clean should be used. David says,

“For regular washing and cleaning, you can use 1 oz. of No Rinse with two gallons of water for a bucket wash or Opti-Clean at the proper dilution for a waterless wash. Both of these products have polymers that encapsulate dirt particles to protect paint during cleaning and leave a glossy finish behind. Neither product will remove oils or waxes from the surface. If you want to clean oils, waxes, break dust, etc. that is when you want to use Power Clean….”

This is a great product for almost any surface that needs cleaning. It can be used for everything from tires to carpets,  Power Clean removes dirt, and almost always with just a little bit of agitation and then a rinsing. Power clean can be diluted up to a 3:1 ratio. I prefer to use it right out of the bottle with no dilution.

Often times emblems have dried wax stuck on, in, and around them. An area like this is ideal for Power Clean. I spray and then agitate with a DI Boars Hair Brush. Usually, I will do this as a pre-cleaning before washing the car ensuring further cleaning of the emblem. Emblem Before

As you can see with a simple spraying and light agitation, the wax is removed and the emblem is brighter and completely clean. emblemafter

Power Clean is also an amazing pre-cleaner for bugs.    Powerclean2

Simply spray and let it dwell for a minute or two. I will mist the area at times to ensure it doesn’t get dry, not enough for the product to run off the paint, just enough to keep it wet.Powercleanspray

I then follow up with a nice lubricating soap like Chemical Guys Maxi Suds along with a nice gentle sponge. You can see how effective this product is even after one light wipe with a DI Sheepskin Wash Mitt. There is no need to induce additional marring into the paint, let the product do its job, and don’t scrub, wipe gently.powercleanwipe

The finals show exactly how effective Power Clean is.Powercleanfinal

Power clean is also great to assist in breaking up beading caused from polishing oils.  Below, the beading breaks instantly once sprayed with Power Clean. Ensuring those oils are completely removed is very important for your LSP to properly adhere and Power Clean works perfectly for this job.PowerCleanOils

If you are looking for a powerful yet safe APC, look no further than Optimum’s Power Clean.  It really is an amazing all around cleanser that does dirty work and gentle cleaning.

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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13 comments on Product Review: Optimum Power Clean

  1. Anthony says:

    How would you say Power Clean compares to PS21 TAW. I use TAW for spot washes of emblems, crevices and door jams?

    Should I add PC to my line or am I good with TAW?

    • Jon says:

      I suspect PC is much, much stronger, even diluted 3:1. It will strip your wax, AFAIK. I am not sure if p21S TAW will strip but presume it is a much gentler chemical.

  2. Adam B says:

    Is there any way to use a degreaser like Power Clean or P21S TAW as a pre-wash before soap but using it with a wash mitt in a bucket?

    Meaning not using it in the spray bottle, if you mixed a couple oz in a bucket of water much like you do soap could you use a wash mitt to degrease the whole car to strip off any remaining wax that is left before doing a complete detail. I am trying to find an effective way to make the product last, because I use it on the wheel wells, tires, exhaust pipes, and I try to get every bottom panel of the car and it does great at removing waxes left behind on these panels, however, if I try to do the hood, roof, and trunk and further up on the doors, I would have gone through a whole bottle of Power Clean, I do have the bigger size jug of Power Clean but I still don’t want to use a whole bottle of product each time I do a car. any suggestions?

  3. Greg Gellas says:

    Anthony, I use both products, and both are wonderful! Both products allows for dirt to “melt” away. For me Power Clean is a little more versatile as I can use it on upholstery stains.

    Adam, you could use it in a spray bottle at a 3:1 dillution, as a pre-treatment to help assist in removing wax. Just mist every panel let it dwell for a minute and proceed to wash as usual. As for using it as a wash medium, I would think too much product would needed to be effective, diluted in a 5 gallon bucket.

    Thanks Greg G

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks Greg, I use Poorboys APC+D for different jobs (tires, engine, wells) sort of like what you use OPC for, thank god I’ve not had any interior stains but I’ve got some 303 Fabric Cleaner on hand just in case that dreaded day comes.

      • Jon says:

        Anthony, IME, you can use Meg’s APC+ diluted anywhere from 10:1 – 20:1 for interior stains, but would avoid leather to prevent drying it out. Not sure how this stacks up to 303 Fabric Cleaner, though.

        • Anthony says:

          Just got my PB APC so it may last a while, I may get the OPC or Megs just to try it out and see how they compare.

          A little off topic but I would like to know what you guys would recommend for minor paint maintenance/correction on an Infiniti G37 Silver Paint. Very light swirls visible at the right angle and few tiny scuff marks on the lower running board.

          I’m thinking of getting a PC 7424XP with 3 green, 3 white, 3 blue, 3 black with some Menzerna 2500 and 4500.

          Finished with some Blackfire Sealant topped off with Dodo Juice supernatural.

          Never done this before so I’m not sure if its overkill, or I’m still missing stuff.

          Any advice for a total noob?

  4. Jon H says:

    I think DI shoud launch a forum for pros, enthusiasts aand the like. It would be a great place for questions like Anthony’s, while keeping his attention from competitor sites many of us know. Just a suggestin, Geeg 🙂

  5. Greg Gellas says:

    Anthony, by all means please submit this question to All of the authors can then answer it.

    Jon, same goes for you. Just submit a question, and we can form a discussion 🙂

    Greg G

  6. Adam says:

    Ive found that OPC at 3:1 can be very streaky on dark colored vehicles. did you encoutner any of this in your testing and if so how did you get around it? I did not let it dry and did not apply it in direct sunlight. Thaks

    • Mark says:

      Adam, OPC is not meant to just be wiped off on paint, I assume that’s what you did? It must be rinsed.

  7. Adam says:

    Mark, It wasn’t wiped on the paint it was used to pretreat for bugs and was rinsed within 3 mins.

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