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Product Review: Scangrip I-View LED Headlamp


The Scangrip I-View light is the latest and third offering in this series.  The first two being the Multimatch and Sunmatch.  In addition to the product review articles on those two, I recently completed an update article on both, so be sure to check it out Product Update: Scangrip Multimatch and Sunmatch LED Lights.

Like it’s two larger predecessors, the I-View does not disappoint at all.  It’s a very well built headlamp for a great price.  I mentioned in that “Product Update” article above that I would be getting a few more, and we did end up order 3 more soon after the article was done.  A little bit about the I-View…

It comes well packaged in a small box that has a lot of information printed on the outside…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (1)

Inside is also a nice little packet where only the head of the light shows when you first open the package…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (2)

Here’s everything out of the box…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (3)

As you can see, it comes with the charger (same plug and USB cord as the Sunmatch, which makes it interchangeable), light and info packet/manual.  To charge it, there’s a port on the bottom of the light, which is covered for dust and water protection.

LUSTR.ScangripiView (4)

This rubber cover simple pulls out and flips to allow for charging of the light…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (5)LUSTR.ScangripiView (6)

The light itself is very good looking and well designed.  You can see the glass specifically shaped for the oval beam dispersion.  Alongside the actual led, you can see the two smaller holes, which house the charging indicator light and a motion sensor (we’ll get to that later)…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (7)

The I-View has 2 settings, 80 and 160 lumens.  There’s a power switch on the right side of the light and you simply click it once for 80 lumens, twice for 160 and 3rd click turns it off.  Here are a few photos showing the power of the I-View.  These were taken in complete darkness at the shop with the camera on the same setting for each pair of photos…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (8)LUSTR.ScangripiView (9)LUSTR.ScangripiView (10)LUSTR.ScangripiView (11)LUSTR.ScangripiView (12)LUSTR.ScangripiView (13)

You can not only see how the light output changes quite a bit, but also make out the beam shape this light puts out.  In the last two photos above, the light was sitting upside down on the table.  There you can easily make out how the light is mainly going down (up in the photo) and quite a bit to the sides in order to allow for a really wide field of view when working in a dark environment.  The photo below shows the purpose of the sensor I mentioned earlier…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (14)

The button on the left of the light turns on the motion sensor.  When the sensor is on, the “Wi-Fi light” as I’ve so simply dubbed it turns on…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (15)

With a wave of your hand…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (16)

The light will turn on to the highest setting (160 lumens) and stay on until you wave your hand in front of the sensor again…

LUSTR.ScangripiView (17)

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the Scangrip I-View after having it for quite a few weeks now.  As I said above, I did order a few more and we use them mainly for interior detailing and paint protection film installs.  We’ve also used them for some work while polishing and of course when out fishing later in the evening :).

I have two TINY complaints about the light, but this is subjective and probably not worth mentioning.  The rubber cover protecting the charging port has ripped off one of the lights after a few weeks of use.  I suspect this is due to my manhandling the light when charging it, so I’ll have to wait and see how the other lights perform before I form any final opinions on this.

The other thing is the motion sensor being easily enabled.  When I’m working on a side panel of the car and wiping it down with a towel, I tend to turn it on/off quite a few times.  This isn’t a big deal as I rarely even use it on the sensor setting and only happens when I’m really close to the paint staring at it while wiping, but it’s definitely something worth mentioning.  I would like to see it only activate 2-3 inches away, not 8-10+, but again, it’s such an insignificant complaint on my end.

Other than that, the I-View has performed amazingly well.  There have been days where we go through 2-3 of them as we’re using them all day while the others are charging.  It holds its charge very well (didn’t doubt this at all as I’ve had the other lights for a while now and always had that experience) and the charge time to full is just as advertised.  It has a comfortable pad (strong enough to not slip, but never hurts or digs into your forehead even after 2-3+ hours of continuous use) and the headband is very well made.

In short, as with the Multimatch and Sunmatch, I would highly recommend the Scangrip I-View to anyone and for just about any task.

Ivan Rajic LUSTR Deatil
Ivan Rajic
LUSTR Detail
257 N Woodwork Lane
Palatine IL 60067
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