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Product Review: Scangrip Sunmatch 2 LED Light


Just like the new Scangrip I-Match2 LED Headlamp (Check out my review by clicking here), I’ve had this Sunmatch 2 in my possession for a good part of this year.  As I said in the I-Match article, because this is more of a comparison article, I definitely recommend reading my review on the original Sunmatch light.  Like the headlamp I-Match2, the most noticeable improvement on the Sunmatch is the two color modes.  Unlike the I-Match2, where the entire light is upgraded and a bit different, the new Sunmatch remains pretty much the same on the outside.  It’s the guts that were improved and the improvement definitely shows.  Let’s check out some photos and quick explanations of everything…

Packaging is nice, simple, and efficient…



Comes with the charger, manual, mounting screws for the charging base and of course the light…



Now onto the light and a bit of a comparison to the original Sunmatch.  As I mentioned earlier, the exterior is basically the same except the few aesthetic designs/labels.  The light still swivels, has the magnet on the bottom and a very sturdy case that’s quite durable and easy to hold.


The hook is still on the rear and while I personally don’t find much use for it, it does come in handy when working with wheels off or general mechanical work under the hood, under the car, etc…


Now onto the guts and improvements!  The different colors (4500K and 6500K) are definitely good to have for showing defects on different paint colors.  The best thing about the new light for me is the stronger light output.  Low is now 250 lumens vs the old 180 and high is 500 vs the old 400.  As you’ll see in the photos below, both low and high settings are noticeably brighter than the old version of the light…  First up is the old Sunmatch low setting at 180lm…


Sunmatch 2 at 250lm (sorry about the different color for comparison)…


Sunmatch “1” high setting 400lm…


Sunmatch 2 high setting 500lm…


I like the fact that it’s brighter because I rarely used the low setting on the original Sunmatch, but the new 250 lumens are enough to see most defects as well as a general work light.  This means more working time before charging.  Overall the new Scangrip Sunmatch 2 light is definitely an improvement over the original and I would highly recommend it.  That said, the original Sunmatch is a steal at $100 less, so it’s hard to say which is the best value here.  Just like with the I-Match headlamps, you really can’t go wrong with either one.  If it’s within your budget, Sunmatch 2 is a great light to have.  If your budget is lower, original Sunmatch is an amazing light at a great value.

Hope you enjoyed the article and please post any questions you may have.  Also keep an eye out for my final comparison of the Multimatch light to its respective successors.

Ivan Rajic LUSTR Deatil
Ivan Rajic
LUSTR Detail
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Palatine IL 60067
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2 comments on Product Review: Scangrip Sunmatch 2 LED Light

  1. Mike (The Guz) says:

    Great review Ivan.

  2. Ray Scott says:

    I have the original and it is very bright and satisfies my needs. Great product.

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