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Product Review: Sonax Actifoam Energy


The question “how do I get that foam like I see in your pictures?” is one that I often get asked by customers. With so many great foam detergents in the market, it can be easy to understand why it can become difficult to choose one. Getting the opinion of a professional detailer and which one they prefer is certainly an easy way to help one choose. One of my current favorites is Actifoam Energy by Sonax.

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Sonax Actifoam Energy is a concentrate shampoo that has powerful dirt dissolving properties with great foaming action. Sonax Actifoam Energy is safe to use on vehicles with paint protection film, ceramic coating, decals and vinyl wraps.

The name Actifoam Energy is definitely appropriate for this shampoo as it has an all too familiar energy fragrance and the foam actively works to remove dirt. The hang time on Sonax Actifoam Energy is really good but Sonax advises to not let the product dry on the vehicle surface. They recommend to immediately use a wash mitt after applying with a foam cannon, beginning at the roof and top surfaces and working your way down. They also recommend not to use Actifoam Energy on a hot surface or in direct sunlight.

Foam Cannon Use and Mixing Ratio

As a concentrate, Sonax recommends diluting with water using a ratio of 1:30 when using a foam cannon. On my MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon, I fill the bottle up to the bottom base portion. I often see people use way too much soap to in order to get an insane amount of foam. This product is a concentrate and like most concentrates, too much is not always a good thing. The other reason I see people use too much soap is due to not knowing how to mix the proper ratio. So here is an easy formula I teach in my training workshops for figuring out mixing ratios.

For Example:

Say you have a 32 ounce bottle and the mixing ratio calls for a 1:4.

Take the 1:4 ratio and add that as 1+4=5

Then take the bottle size of 32 ounces and divide that number by 5.

32/5= 6.4

6.4 ounces of product is what is needed to add into a 32 ounce bottle.

You may also use a proportion tool or I recommend using a measuring cup such as the DI Measuring Cup to make things easy.

When mixed and used as directed, one 1000ml bottle of Sonax Actifoam Energy can give you up to 50 washes.

Wash Bucket Use

Sonax Actifoam Energy can also be used for hand washing. Use 2 to 3 capfuls in your wash bucket for washing by hand. Sonax states that Actifoam Energy is also good as an insect remover.

Sonax Actifoam Energy Wash Bucket Suds

Sonax also recommends using Actifoam Energy to clean wheels and tires. This is something that I used and tried on vehicles with Carbon Ceramic braking systems. I personally do not use iron remover type wheel cleaners on those type of vehicles. Using Actifoam Energy with a foam cannon on wheels and tires, I found that it works very well. Keep in mind, it requires the use of proper wheel cleaning tools to make it effective.

Sonax Actifoam Energy on Wheels and Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Like any shampoo designed for foam cannon use, it is always recommended to spray heavy dirt initially with high pressure water prior to using a foam cannon. Sonax Actifoam is a lot of bang for the buck considering that a bottle can give you up to 50 washes. Making it a great choice for both professionals and detailing enthusiasts. If you are looking a versatile shampoo to use in your foam cannon or by hand, consider Sonax Actifoam Energy.

Video Transcription:

Hello everyone, Mike Cardenas with Forza Detailing and Detailed Image, here to give you a quick product review on the Actifoam Energy from Sonax!

Actifoam Energy calls, for a Dilution rate of 30 to one. So on this MTM Foam Cannon to thousand milliliter, we’re using 33.8 milliliter, which has very, very little amount. In a bottle of this size, will give you about 50 car washes, which is great value for a bottle this size. Before using a foam cannon, you want to do an initial rinse, get rid of any loose dirt or debris that’s on the paint finished before using the foam cannon. Now, this is using the foam cannon at the 30 to one dilution. It’s about a little bit more than halfway cranked up. If you want more foam of course you can always crank up your foam canon all the way, or, increase your dilution a little bit. This soap has great hang time and the degreasing properties are awesome. It started to break up all the road film on the paint surface with the Foam. Sonax Actifoam Energy is also great to use in your wash buckets, for better results it’s best to stick to the 30 to one dilution ratio. It is a concentrate and by using that dilution ratio, it makes for easier rinsing.

If you’re looking for a soap to put in your foam cannon that will deliver those insane suds that you see online, the Actifoam Energy from Sonax will certainly do that, but keep in mind that it’s concentrated. You don’t need so much, a little bit goes a long way. It’s been my go-to for over six months, primarily because of the value and the degreasing capabilities that it does offer it’s safe for PPF vehicles, vehicles that are ceramic coated, and vehicles that are not coated, so it has a wide variety of uses. The one thing you’ll notice that it does have the scent of a very popular energy drink, but it’s a great soap. And it’s now available at My name is Mike Cardenas, and thanks for watching.

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Forza Detailing
Northeast Indiana
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2 comments on Product Review: Sonax Actifoam Energy

  1. Nathan Welch says:

    I’m concerned with the statements on the bottle, “wear gloves and goggles”. I’ve used in foam cannon but I’m reluctant to use as a hand wash.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Almost all of the chemicals we carry do have safety notices and request gloves and eye protection at a minimum. The Actifoam is a shampoo so it is a light cleaner (when compared to a degreaser), but to stay safe we still recommend gloves and safety glasses when detailing. I do not recommend using this product as a hand wash, I would look for a hand specific soap instead.

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