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DI Accessories MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon

Best Seller DI Accessories MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon - Standard
DI Accessories MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon - Standard Alternative View DI Accessories MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon - Standard Alternative View #2
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DI Accessories MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon
DI Accessories MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon

Product Information

  • Spray foam horizontally and vertically with the help of a pressure washer!
  • Spray tons of suds all over your exterior quickly and easily
  • Wash faster and more effectively
  • Can be used with most pressure washers from 1,100 - 5000 PSI
  • Product Code: PF22.2
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Customer Reviews

91% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 11 ratings

Product Description

Foam, foam, and even more foam is what you will receive when washing with the DI Accessories Foam Cannon! When you touch your paint, even when washing, you are at risk of adding imperfections. You can however cut down this risk greatly by using high quality products and detailing techniques. With the DI Foam Cannon and your pressure washer, you can spray a thick layer of shampoo foam onto the surface, which encapsulates dirt and grime, gently pulling it away from your paint and lubricating the surface for safe removal. Pour your favorite shampoo in the reservoir, connect to your pressure washer and start spraying foam onto the exterior. It is really that simple and you will be amazed when people look on as you coat your vehicle in thick fluffy foam! The Adjustable chemical injection knob allows you to adjust how much shampoo you are using, controlling the thickness of foam you are spraying.

What makes the DI Foam Cannon different than other Foam Cannons or Lances you ask? Well, have you ever been able to adjust your spray pattern to a vertical AND horizontal direction? With this Foam Lance you can not only do that, but do it while using the unit under pressure! This Foam Cannon also features adjustable fan blades, 1.8 - 5.3 GPM, and it can be used with a pressure washer from 1,100 - 5,000 PSI. The unique spraying patterns help you spray under vehicles, on top of vehicles, on your house, fence, other hard to reach areas around the house, etc. It is an extremely versatile cleaning tool!

Note: Two size options, Standard, which is just the PF22 or Kit w/Soap, which is the PF22 plus a 16oz bottle of the MTM Hydro Extreme Cleaner PerFOAMance Wild Cherry.

If you own a pressure washer and want to take your washing to the next level, pick up the DI Accessories Foam Cannon!

Includes the DI Accessories 1.1 MM Orifice for Low Pressure Washers.

Note: The Foam Cannon, DI Accessories Featherweight Foam Cannon and DI Accessories Foam Lance are designed to work with majority of pressure washers, including Karcher units. If you have a Karcher you may need to pick up the DI Accessories Karcher K Series Foam Lance Fitting for a seamless fit. If you do not have a Karcher pressure washer, the DI Accessories Speedy Super Foamer is also a great choice!

If you are you looking to spray foam vertically AND horizontally with one unit, stick with the DI Accessories Foam Cannon!

No Pressure Washer? If you do not have a pressure washer, we recommend using the Gilmour Foamaster II Foam Gun. This unit will not produce as thick of a layer of suds as the Foam Lance or Foam Lance II, but it will work with any standard garden hose.

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to for more information. The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Don't know what they did different from other brands but it just works. Thick layered foam and I didn't change a thing in my setup. But it!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Had to buy another one because my previous one went bad even after trying to repair it. Not sure what happened but this is working like my other one. I keep 2 on hand for different chemicals. Swap in the 1.1 if you have a less expensive pressure washer and you are good to go! Top notch product!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
The hype is real. A year ago I got into detailing and bought a 20 dollar foam cannon on Amazon. It worked, but wasn't great. Then I got the Trinova from Amazon, which is a solid cannon at the price point, but still leaves some to be desired. I tried another foam cannon from Amazon with great reviews…but still I was chasing something. Have always been eyeing the MTM Hydro, but couldn't justify the price tag. Thought to myself, "could it really be worth 3 times what these other foam cannons are worth?" The answer is yes. Used it yesterday for the first time and immediately was surprised in the consistency of the foam. Yes, it's not stable while empty, but I don't leave the sprayer attached to the bottle when it's empty. I store them separately. The kit comes with a cap for the bottle so you can just mix up your soap ahead of time and leave it in the bottle. Give it a few shakes when you're ready to wash and attach the spray head. When you're done foaming, take the bottle off, cap it and then run clean water through the spray head. I should have never spent the money on those other foamers! Oh well, lesson learned.

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