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13 comments on Protecting Your Car Beyond Detailing

  1. David G. says:

    I totally agree with you Rodney when it comes to being selective when parking your vehicle. But what annoys me is when certain drivers go to extreme and take up two parking spots by parking their vehicle at an angle.

    • Jay Pottle says:

      When I see people park their cars or trucks in 2 or 4 spots, that to me is asking to get the vehicle messed with!

    • Rodney Tatum says:

      I would never encourage that kind of parking. A few times my favorite parking spot has been taken away with this move. I do somewhat understand for the reasons mentioned. But I am more than happy to walk 10 additional feet or not shop during busy hours versus filling up 2 spots. It is also makes that vehicle a target for vandalism.

      Acknowledging a high volume of inconsiderate people in the world, I am willing to gracefully add minor inconvenience to my life without triggering any kind of vindictive behavior.

  2. Todd says:

    Anybody I’m with when I go to park my car says the same thing why are you so far away from the store I’ve seen way to much we’re people just don’t care my favorite spots are the ones we’re no one can park on the other side of me and always put my mirrors in I even park way out at my job just cause of people not being aware and hitting there door against other cars great article !!!

  3. Ron Ayotte says:

    I’ll drop the wife off at the door and go park whatever vehicle we take, whether it be my 2006 MustangGT, her 2014 Edge SEL or my 2019 Ranger and park it as far from the “up close” parking spaces that she points out in a parking lot. I will park as far as I can in the aforementioned spots that Rodney posted in his article.

  4. Richard Tice says:

    Another parking lot suggestion: if the lot has a grade to it, try to park in the upgrade area. Reason: unattended shopping carts can roll downhill. I once witnessed this phenomenon at work at a local 24-hour grocery store, late in the evening when the parking lot was nearly empty. A very nice condition Mustang, likely owned by a store employee, was parked alone in a distant corner (and unfortunately, the lowest area) of the lot. It was winter and the wind was gusting. One particularly strong and lengthy gust seized an unattended shopping cart that was near to the store, turned it 90 degrees and sent it careening downgrade over 150 feet, headlong into the center of the Mustang’s driver’s side door at about 10 mph. Ouch.

    And wind is not the only culprit that can put shopping carts on the move. I’ve seen drivers use their vehicles’ bumpers to push carts out of the way of parking spaces they want to get to (rather than ‘bothering’ to get out of their vehicles to move the carts). Sometimes, those carts are pushed into nearby parked vehicles.

    In those instances when parking near unattended shopping carts is unavoidable, move the carts!. Return them to the secure location in the lot that most stores provide for that purpose. I’ve been known in some cases to return three or four carts in order to keep them away from my car while I’m in the store.

    Lastly, set an example. Be a good car enthusiast-citizen and return your own cart!

  5. David C. says:

    Once I parked my car the farthest away in a parking lot, ( Home dpot ) and when I came out an old pickup truck was parked right next to me.
    But then I noticed a police car sitting close, watching.

  6. Greg Morgan says:

    I totally agree Rodney 100000%! I thought I was the only one who used tactics like the ones you described! I will walk across a football field sized parking lot parking all the way in the last most distant spot away from everyone! I NEVER use a valet – especially with my Rolls-Royces – they do strange things with people’s cars (especially luxury cars that rare or exotic) such as ‘taking a little sprint’ while the owner is at the event! I always drive my beater when I know I have to park in what I call “the battle field” parking lots! I collect cars and never drive the exotics because of the ‘curiosity-shop’ and the attention certain vehicles get. I don’t allow my collection to be photographed unless they are being used in a promotion or in a calendar where I may retain my anonymity. Sometimes these cars can be more of a hassle just to enjoy. The things I have seen inconsiderate people do to the property of others is astounding! This is why I keep my beater – it runs like a scalded cat – yet it’s appearance fits in with the rude-parking participants. I also try to NEVER use parking spaces where another vehicle is parked nose-to-nose in front of my space which can scuff my bumpers or worse. One really needs a tank just to park on these parking lots from hell!

  7. Rob says:

    Welcome to my world.I always consider where I’m going and if there is distant parking. Nice points. Another, often I will pay an attendant to let me park in a safe place. They are responsible (sometimes) and watch the car.

  8. Paul says:

    Good article. You are so right on. Luckily my habits are starting to rub off on the wife. Pretty much nobody else I know gets it.

  9. Rodney Tatum says:

    I appreciate the brotherhood here!

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