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Rag Company Rip N’ Rags vs Autofiber Roll-o-Rags


I often say that microfiber is the most important piece of the detailing equation. If you are using low quality towels it can cause your cleaning steps to last longer due to the towels not picking up dirt and grime, or worse … scratch the paint due to low quality fibers. This is why we always reach for high quality towels, but we all know that this can get pricey quick. There has to be some quality towels at a lower price point, right?

This past year the Rag Company and Autofiber both released their version of towels on a roll. Just think of a roll of paper towels, but microfiber instead! This has allowed both companies to offer easily stored and dispensed towels at an incredible price, but how do they compare?

Rip N’ Rags

Rag Company Rip N Rags


Autofiber Roll o Rags

Comparison Close Up

Both of these towel options are incredibly similar and offer a 12″ x 12″ size towel that easily tears away due to a perforated line between each towel. Each roll features 30 individual towels, but the Rag Company Rip N’ Rags have a larger 80 count that is packaged in a box. While there are similarities, there are a few key differences. The Rip N’ Rags come in at 180 GSM but a 70/30 blend while Roll-o-Rags have a higher GSM at 260, but an 80/20 blend. The better 70/30 blend on the Rip N’ Rags does push these in a category of paint safe, so as long as you are not working on sensitive finishes these could even help there.

Both of these towels are fantastic for glass cleaning, interior wipe downs, on tires, rims, trim engine bay, etc. While the lower GSM makes us weary of applications on painted surfaces, as long as they are not sensitive the Rip N’ Rags 70/30 blend is superior. The roll makes not only dispensing them easy, but storing them on a paper towel roll keeps them tucked away for easy access at any time. The Rip N’ Rags also come in a larger 80 count box, increasing value even more.


Both the Rip N’ Rags and Roll-o-Rags offer you an incredible value towel with an easy to store and use form factor. While the Roll-o-Rags offer a higher GSM, the superior blend of the Rip N’ Rags, along with a larger 80 count size makes them my choice in this battle.

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