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Reason to carry more than one product…


Just a little something that I believe that pro detailers, weekend warriors, and DIY details all should understand…that there is a necessity to carry more than one specific product for each step.

Just the other day, while working on a 2008 Range Rover, I came across a situation which luckily I was able to overcome.  I have been in this same situation a couple of times, but this time it was a little more serious.

After compounding the car for heavy defect removal with Meguiars 105 compound, I moved onto the next mid level polishing step.  Usually, my go to product for this step is menzerna 203 on a white LC polishing pad.  However, based on the cool/damp climate conditions in the warehouse I was working in, and the soft paint, my go to combo wasnt working out.  It was very sticky and leaving the finish VERY hazy, worse than 105 did!  Luckily, I had Meguiars 205 on hand, and just by switching to that product, I was able to finish the second step with ease!  Without a different mid level polish, I would not have been able to get the car finished with the conditions at hand, which would have led to an unhappy client, something I would never want! After the 205 step, I followed with Menzerna 85rd on a black lc pad for more gloss and wetness!

Moral of the story: be prepared to tackle any situation with an assortment of products just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation!

Eric Schuster Envious Detailing
Eric Schuster
Envious Detailing
Orange County, CA

7 comments on Reason to carry more than one product…

  1. Very good points Eric! You can have “go-to” products, but you also need to have others available and know how/when to use them depending on the situation. Unfortunately there are no miracle polishes that work for every vehicle, every time.

    Even if you “know” the paint on a particular vehicle, be sure to prepare yourself for “what-if” scenarios. I recently travelled for a Porsche job, and was glad that I came fully prepared. Typically speaking Porsche paint is soft and easy to correct. This particular car however was quite hard, and if I didn’t have backup polishes and pads with me, I wouldn’t have been able to do the work.

  2. David Patterson says:

    This is a good article. Some customers wonder why i bring so many different marterials, compounds, pads, and various tools. I always feel like I need to be prepared for stiuatuons like this. Like Todd said, It helps to know the paint, but it isnt always what you expect. I have a medium polish and fine polish i don’t normally use but never leave home without.

  3. Danny R. says:


    Great article and good advice.

    Danny R.

  4. every single time a client looks into my bin of products its always the same comment…”why so many products?” I then get to explain about no two paints are the same even if they are on the same make and model and color of car. (especially if a black bmw has been repainted! soft—>hard from fender to door = a need for a different product!)

  5. Ivan Rajic says:

    Good info Eric. Definitely a must to have/bring a variety of pads and polishes for a detail job. I know exactly what you mean with the BMW black where some panels are repainted. Hood is hard as a rock and the rest of the car won’t respond well to anything but FPII/black pad.

  6. DJ Mayo says:

    Excellent article, Eric. This is just another reason why it makes it a bit difficult at times to offer high quality mobile detailing. Not saying it can’t be done, just saying it’s easer when you are in a set location and can work in your controlled environment. It’s not like I could ask the customer for an extra Surbuf pad or some Optimum quick detailer…

  7. Tim Buxton says:

    Good info, I enjoyed reading that. Definitely makes me really want to broaden my arsenal of supplies …

    When I was starting out I would get myself into situations where I needed a backup plan and I wasn’t fully prepared. It would cost me a lot of time and unnecessary stress. Everything about detailing started to improve for me when I started to plan in everything in advance and avoid stressing out

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