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Product Review: DI Microfiber Two Sided Large Towel


I have been using the Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel for many years now and wrote a very positive Product Review for it.  As you can read in my review, it has been my favorite towel for a very long time, mainly due to its larger size and good quality.  Every one of the Meg’s towels I’ve used has lasted a long time, done a great job and then moved to the non-paint department where it did the job as well.  I never found a need to look for better towels… until recently.

Why, some of you may ask.  Well, even though it may be somewhat childish and odd, the main reason I started looking for a new towel was the packaging of the Meg’s SS towels.  Within the last year or so they started using the new packaging, which is frustrating to remove and takes a long time.  Once I ran out of all my old Meg’s towels and had to start buying new 3-packs in bulk, the unpacking got old very quickly.  In addition, I have always liked the quality of the DI Microfiber All Purpose Towel Blue, but wasn’t too fond of the 16×16 size.  After speaking with a few companies out there and not liking what they offered due to quality and price, I spoke with Greg about getting a larger towel, then the 16×16 towel that was currently available.  Pretty soon, my new favorite towel, the DI Microfiber Two Sided Large Towel, was available for purchase on Detailed Image!

Is this towel large enough? We here at DI think so! The DI Microfiber Two Sided Large towel measures 16″ x 24″, allowing you to cover a large amount of surface area. It’s 50% larger than a regular 16″ x 16″ towel but size is not the only highlight of this towel. One side has longer fibers that help remove loose particles and collect them in the threading. The other side has a tighter weave and shorter nap that helps remove product that is more challenging to remove, like a stubborn polish. That is two nap lengths on one LARGE microfiber towel, what more could you ask for? These features will help you remove dust, debris, and excess product (ie wax, sealant, polish, etc.) quickly and easily. If that’s not enough this towel is edged in silk, helping you avoid the risk of adding imperfections into your paint or other delicate surfaces. Cover more surface area and use the DI Two Sided Large towel to clean your paint, glass, interior, etc. with ease!


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t simply like this towel because it’s easy, actually effortless, to unpack.  As the description states, there are many great things about this towel.  First and foremost for me was the size.  I have finally found a reasonably priced 16×24 towel that’s of very good quality.  I like to fold the towel a few times into an 8×6 section, which allows me to use it on multiple panels wiping off residue before I have to switch to a new towel.  In addition to the size, this towel now comes with two different length fibers.  While I like both when polishing, some spray waxes and sealants are partial to either longer or shorter fibers so it’s good to have an option.  The shorter fibers are also good for cleaning glass as they won’t leave trails of glass cleaner like the longer fibers.

The edges are very safe as they’re silk, so it helps with causing any unwanted towel marring on sensitive paint.  If I could change anything about the towel it would be to have the edges slightly smaller.  That way, there’s more surface area for the actual towel/microfiber and less to worry about dragging on the paint.  One other notable feature, which goes back to my being so happy about the packaging (or lack thereof), is the tag on this towel.  It’s a simple sticker that is removed in a fraction of a second and doesn’t cause the edges to tear like many other towels where the tag is sewn into the edge of the towel.  Lastly, this towel is of a higher quality and softer than the Meg’s SS towels, which is another reason I have decided to slowly switch to it for my business.

Well I don’t want to go on and on as I’d be repeating a lot of what I said about the Meguiar’s towels originally, so I’ll just make it short and sweet.  I have stocked up now on the DI Microfiber Two Sided Large Towel because it’s overall better in many ways than my previous favorite Meg’s SS towels (no horrible packaging, no sewn in tag, silk edges and softer with two different size fibers).  I do still have MANY Meg’s towels, will continue to use them and still recommend them for anyone looking for a good towel, but I simply won’t be buying many more due to the packaging and the overall better towel I found with this one.

I’d love to hear others’ experience with this towel so please don’t hesitate to post comments or ask any questions.  Thanks as always for reading!

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