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Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK900E System Overview & How-To Product Video


Rupes Mille Rotary Polisher Video Featured Image

Source: YouTube

Professional detailer James Melfi talks about the Rupes BigFoot Mille LK900E. Rupes has always been known for their large throw, BigFoot polishers that help remove imperfections at a much faster rate. The Mille takes this large throw feature and combines it with a gear driven, forced rotation polisher. This allows you to correct heavier imperfections, work around coners and curves, all without bogging down. The Mille really is a joy to work with, but don’t take my word for it. Check out the video above and the description, specifications and video transcription below.

Product Description:

The Rupes BigFoot Mille LK900E is a gear driven polisher that will help you remove imperfections with ease! When polishing, heavy imperfections can be a pain to remove. For most imperfections, bumping up the polishing power with a stronger pad and polish combo will do the trick, however sometimes you may need some added pressure, polishing passes, etc. Some dual action polishers can easily bog down with added pressure, but the forced rotation feature of the Mille allows you to add more pressure without the unit bogging down! The power it generates is safe, smooth and easy to use! Check out some other great features of this polisher below:

  • Clockwise rotational movement allows increased levels of control and comfort
  • Progressive trigger to provide more precise control of speed through the entire range
  • Two rubber supports are positioned on the body of the machine to keep it stable when resting
  • Extra long 9 meter (30 foot) cord
  • Allows the use of two different pad diameters, 125mm and 150mm

With the high torque output and heat generated from this type of tool movement, Rupes also hopped on another step in the detailing process to maximize the performance of the tool. These added features include brand new pads with corresponding compounds and polishes. These are completely unique and designed and formulated for the Mille. If you are looking to flex your polishing muscle, the Rupes BigFoot Mille LK900E is a great choice!


  • Orbit: 5mm
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Power: 900 watts
  • Dual Speed Controls (trigger & speed dial)
  • OPM: 265 – 535 – 1700 rpm
  • 9m power cord
  • Thread size: 3/16
  • Includes 2x Backing Plates: 125mm (5″) and 150mm (6″)

Video Transcription:

Hey, it’s James with Detailed Image and today we’re gonna be talking about a new polisher and a new polishing system, and as Detailers right, we’re obsessed with polishes. We want to see how they’re gonna affect our business and how ultimately we’re gonna get a better result on the paint. Rupes has just introduced the Mille system, which is a completely new system to the Rupes lineup it consists of three definitive parts. You have the LK900E gear-driven dual action polisher and tailor-made pads and polishing liquids. So now all the components of the Mille system are
now made solely in house by Rupes which is creating a seamless integration between the three main parts, machine pad and polishes. A now for the specs of the new machine, the LK900E. The machine has a 900 watt motor which is a ton of power, in a 5.2 millimeter orbit. It comes with a 30 foot cord making extension cords not always required, which is a neat feature. And rubber stabilizers from the mark two that I loved that allowed you to place the machine in a flat surface without having it just tip over. It’s compatible with two backing plate sizes five and six inch, allowing the technician to choose their desired pad size without affecting comfort performance or vibration of the machine. Now, what is a gear-driven dual action polisher. In a gear driven tool, the motor powers both oscillation and rotation. Basically gears are forcing that movement so it’s not going to bog down under pressure. Now this allows the machine to kind of be in the middle ground of aggressiveness in between the aggressive nature of a rotary polisher, which requires a high level of skill, in the less aggressive approach of a random orbital polisher. Gear driven dual action polishers produce a very effective in a very predictable movement allowing for much less technique and use your skill to achieve a desired result. This makes it a great option for the beginner looking for a nice balance between cutting and corrective ability and safety. Since the machine will not bog down under every pressure it’s also very effective on a variety of panel shapes and sizes. The LK900E is also a great tool for edge work producing even cutting ability over the entire diameter of the pad. Now let’s talk about the next part of the system, the pads and the polishes. Now there are a variety of pad polish combinations within the Mille system. There are low profile open cell foam pads there are some really nice heavy cutting wool pads and three distinctive polishing liquids, from heavy cutting all the way down to ultra fine polishing. But they are all together specifically designed to allow for smooth and comfortable operation of machine. Now the pads are also color coded to their polishing liquid equivalent which allows you to easily apply this procedure or this system to a variety of different finishes. Now overall, this system combines easy-to-use components that produce effective predictable and safe polishing results.

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