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Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder: Product Review


Most of us can agree that organization is key for any detailer or enthusiast. In my travels to different shops over the years, I’ve noticed that shops typically store things pretty neatly, but when it comes to their buffers that is often a different story. I’ve seen machine polishers stored in everything from drawers, tool bags or carts. In some cases, I’ve seen them wrapped up like an old video game controller and put on a shelf. One of the neatest ways I’ve seen machine polishers stored is on specialized holders on a wall. Well, now you can neatly display and keep your tools organized with the new Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder. 

Installing the Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder is incredibly easy. So easy apparently, that the mounting instructions included really don’t give much direction other than a diagram of how it is mounted. For those seeking a little more info on this product, here goes some additional installation information.

The Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder comes with 1 tool holder, 2 screws, 2 wall mount anchors and instructions. Upon opening the box, the holder is made of rigid plastic and the design seemed to be different from other holders I’ve seen before.

In this installation, I am installing 3 Rupes BigFoot tool holders in my home detail studio. The tools I used were pretty simple, a drill with a 3/16 bit, Philips screwdriver, a level and a hammer. I started by measuring where I was going to install them and marked the position.

After marking my holes with the holder in place, I drilled my holes and hammered in the anchors provided.

I then screwed in the holder with the screws provided using a Philips screwdriver. Note that the holder will seem a bit weird when screwing it into place as the holder is angled in a certain way. Make sure it is seated properly and tighten down onto the wall, pretty easy!

Installation is extremely easy and the Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder has that distinct Rupes styling that looks great.

The Rupes Bigfoot Wall Mount Tool Holder is designed to hold any of your favorite Rupes polishers. The cords require wrapping in a loop and then hung on the built-in cord hanger. The tools hang very securely onto the hanger and after using them in my home studio for a week, I really found them easier to store and pick up to use. I did not try using these holders with another brand tool, so it’s hard for me to say whether it would work as neatly with a non-Rupes tool. I installed mine onto drywall, but these can be installed on various other surfaces depending on your needs or placement. At $38.99, this is easily one of the most inexpensive options on the market if you need to store a Rupes tool. Lightweight and yet durable, the Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder is a great way to display and organize your Rupes polishers.

Mike Cardenas
Forza Detailing
Northeast Indiana
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3 comments on Rupes BigFoot Wall Mount Tool Holder: Product Review

  1. John Meade says:

    It would be helpful if several different brands could be “tested’ on these hangers and confirmed that they would or would not work. Just a thought.

    • Mike Cardenas says:

      Great Idea John. For me, I only use Rupes in my detail studio and so it wasn’t something I was able to do. The design is pretty simple for hanging, so I’m sure most would fit to some degree and it would be a good to thing to see how they hold up other polishers.

  2. Ben Dover says:

    Mike that was great insight !

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