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Rupes iBrid Mini HLR75, UNO Advanced & Rotary Waffle Pads – SEMA Show 2022


SEMA Show 2022 Rupes iBrid HLR75 Mini Polisher Uno Advance Rotary Waffle Pads

Back at SEMA Show 2015 Rupes announced the BigFoot iBrid Nano, which became a game changer for easily correcting hard to reach areas around your vehicle. At this years show, Rupes added to the iBrid lineup with an exciting new polisher, the iBrid Mini HLR75. This unit aims to aid the user in comfort by offering a unique handle shape for many different hand positions during use. On top of this exciting new polisher, Rupes is adding to the UNO lineup with the UNO Advanced and their pad lineup with the Rotary Waffle Pads.

Take a look below for more information on each of these new Rupes releases!

iBrid Mini HLR75

  • Brushed motor at 18V
  • 5 Speeds (3000 – 5500 opm)
  • Battery life approximately 35-40 minutes
  • Charging time approximately 35 minutes
  • Weight 2.4lb + .8lb battery
  • Offers different hand positions for maximum comfort and convenience

Rupes iBrid Mini HLR75

UNO Advanced

  • Removes defects
  • Boosts clarity
  • Adds gloss
  • Lays down solids
  • Makes the surface smooth
  • Protects for up to 12 months
  • 3 applications – 1st can be used as a one step (correction and protection), 2nd can be used as a second step to polish and protect, 3rd can be used as a topper to refresh an existing coating layer.

Rupes UNO Comparison

Rotary Waffle Pads

  • Three pad offerings (blue, yellow, and white)
  • Blue – Hard foam for removal of deep scratches and imperfections
  • Yellow – Medium foam for second step after compounding or one step on medium imperfections
  • White – Soft foam for anti0-hologram finishing
  • Waffle design reduces surface contact
  • Lowers temperatures
  • Less pad drag
  • Longer polishing cycles

Rupes Rotary Waffle Pads

Reveal Residue Remover


is surface preparation and cleaning spray specifically formulated to remove compound and polish oils, residues, waxes, non-durable fillers, and other surface contamination remaining on surfaces before or after correction. Use Reveal Lite after washing, but before compounding or polishing, to remove remaining waxes or other non-durable surface contamination. Use Reveal Lite after compounding or polishing to remove residual polishing oils and show the true nature of the results before applying your choice of protection. It also works great as an exterior glass cleaner!


is formulated to remove the most stubborn residues, durable fillers, adhesives, surface oils; Reveal Strong shows you the true nature of the surface by removing anything that can mask defects. The powerful formula is intended only for use on fully cured paint, hard and chemical resistant surfaces, or similar applications. When you need to know if the surface is truly corrected, reveal the truth with Rupes Reveal Strong!

Tips for success Reveal Lite and Reveal Strong:

  1. Reveal Lite, spray generously onto the surface to be cleaned (if surface is freshly painted, spray onto a towel then wipe, do not spray directly on the surface). Reveal Strong, spray onto a towel then wipe, do not spray directly on the surface.
  2. Wipe immediately with a clean, soft, microfiber polishing cloth until dry.
  3. Inspect surface and repeat treatment as necessary.

Rupes Reveal Lite and Strong

November 1st, 2022 | SEMA

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