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Shine Supply Interview with Jeremy Stevens!


Shine Supply Interview with Jeremy Stevens!

1. How did Shine Supply get its start?

I began my career in detail during the summer of 1996. With a strong work ethic and a lot of passion, I started my own mobile detailing business. For 18 years, I worked hard to build and grow my business. Then, in 2007, I dreamed of creating my line of detailing products. This is how Shine Supply was born from my desire to provide high-quality products without gimmicks or false promises. My goal was to share my love for detailing and inspire others to pursue their passions. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to turn my dream into a reality.

Shine Supply began as an idea, and started with long days at car shows, handing out flyers, knocking on doors, selling products out of a trailer, and growing an Instagram following. It’s been an incredible journey.

In 2014, I was shipping products out of his garage after a long day of mobile detailing, getting out 5-10 orders a week!

In 2016, Instagram released its “Story” feature, and I utilized these stories to display his detailing results using Shine Supply products. I grew not only the social media of Shine Supply but also reel in more customers after seeing how well the product worked via Instagram.

In 2020, Shine Supply gained massive growth; with only five employees at the time, our small team spent long days and nights filling orders, helping customers, and filling products to ensure we had everything stocked for our amazing customers.  

Fast forward to 2023, Shine Supply has grown into something truly amazing; we have established an amazing team of just 12 employees who all play a significant role in the daily function of the company.

From shipping products out of my garage to having a Shipping, Down Filling, Marketing, Detailing, Wholesale, and Customer Service Department, Shine Supply has grown into one of the top detailing product brands in the industry.

Shine Supply’s foundation has been built on customer service, education, and quality detailing products that WORK. This journey has consisted of hard work and passion for keeping all automotive vehicles clean and protected, and our team here at Shine Supply will continue to put out quality detailing products along with the proper education to keep your ride looking pristine!

2. What are some of the biggest challenges in getting the business started?

One of the greatest challenges I faced was overcoming the skepticism and negativity that came with being a small brand in the detailing industry. However, I persevered and utilized social media to promote my brand, which helped me reach a wider audience. Another challenge was managing my finances and inventory, but through trial and error, I was able to navigate this new realm of selling products. Lastly, taking on new responsibilities forced me to grow personally and professionally as a businessman. Despite these challenges, I remained determined and became stronger on the other side.
3. What are one or two of the products that really broke through and made Shine Supply popular?

Shine Supply’s Classic Cut compound was a game-changing product that made waves in the industry. It’s perfect pairing with the then-new microfiber pads couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. This compound delivered excellent cut and finishing results even under direct sun. Its outstanding performance cemented its place as a must-have product for any detailing enthusiast.
4. You own a detailing company and the Shine Supply store.  Can you talk about how they work together well and the challenges?

Operating a detailing company alongside our product line is essential to our business model. Our reputation is built on demonstrating the effectiveness of our products, not just talking about them. An active detail shop enables us to do just that. It also keeps us up-to-date with the latest paint types and the best products and pads on each type. We remain relevant and current in our industry. However, managing employees and maintaining a high level of quality can be challenging, and it requires a great deal of responsibility. Nonetheless, we are committed to maintaining our standards and delivering exceptional results to our clients.
5. How does Shine Supply differentiate itself from others?

Shine Supply stands out from other brands because we remain dedicated to detailing full-time despite our success. In addition, we provide exceptional, hands-on training that is not commonly found in other brands. Our mission extends beyond product sales – we strive to inspire others to be their best selves in every aspect of their lives. Through our work, we are creating a lasting legacy.

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