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Shine Supply Product Highlights


Shine Supply Product Highlights

1. What are some of your favorite Shine Supply products?

My favorite product from our lineup is Clutch Ceramic Spray Sealant, by far! This stuff is loaded with SiO2 and was originally created to reload a ceramic coating or provide ceramic-based standalone protection for a vehicle; however, after further testing, we have found this stuff works absolutely incredible on pretty much everything: plastics, bed liner, wheels, and rejuvenating powder coated parts. This stuff lasts 4-6 months and provides an amazing gloss for just being a spray sealant.

Another product I love is our Shift Soap, which is our soap designated for ceramic-coated, wrapped, or matte vehicles. Instead of creating a soap that adds SiO2 to the surface, we created Shift to safely clean and pamper the ceramic coating. This soap foams incredibly, and the scent is one of a kind, by far my favorite smelling product we offer. 

2. What products do you think are underrated in the line?

Classy Chassis Undercarriage is a product that is highly underrated in our lineup. This stuff can bring a faded undercarriage back to life and keep it that way for months. Being solvent-based, it will protect and condition the undercarriage much longer than a traditional water-based tire dressing, which most people will use to dress their undercarriage.

Another underrated product is our Throttle Detail Spray. Plenty of detail sprays are out there, and most contain additives like SiO2 or Wax; however, a ceramic coating does need a boost each time it is washed. Throttle contains no additives and is used to wipe down your coating and leave it crisp without dealing with streaking or product residue. It is also great for matte finishes; you want to keep any additives from the surface that may inhibit the matte finish. Throttle will not be adding anything but a crisp finish, so it would be your go-to final wipe-down spray. 

3. What products do you think are the best value in the line?

Wise Guy has got an insane value for what the product does. This stuff absolutely crushes wheel and tire cleaning and is one of our best-selling products in our entire line. It also works incredibly on rubber floor mats or wheel well cleaning. Since it is a concentrate, this product is diluted 1:1 in a 32 oz. Spray bottle, and can also be diluted 2:1 for maintenance wheel/tire cleaning. Priced at $38 a gallon, you are getting 256 ounces of product, which makes it $19 per 128 ounces.

Eco Shine Waterless Wash is another best bang for your buck product. Due to its concentration, it is diluted 32:1, resulting in 1 ounce of product per 32 ounces of water. Eco Shine can be used as a waterless wash and is great on door jams, glass, light interior cleaning, and so much more.

Lastly, our Decked Out Tire Dressing is yet another product that has great value. Do not be fooled by the $ 98-gallon price tag; Decked Out is HIGHLY concentrated and must be diluted at a minimum 1:1 ratio. Decked Out can be diluted all the way down to a 2:1 ratio while still performing better than most ready-to-use dressing. Since most dressings are around the $50 per gallon range and are not dilutable, Decked Out is a very budget-friendly yet high-performing dressing whether you are a detailer or a DIYer. 

4. What are some mistakes or misnomers you have seen with the products or brand?

One of the most common mistakes that have occurred while using our products would be not diluting the products that are concentrated. We have a quite a few concentrated products in our line: Wise Guy, Solution, Bug Off, Carpet Cleaner, Decked Out, Eco Shine, Sun Shine, and Super Spot. These products must be diluted to perform to their best ability; therefore, it is crucial to dilute them according to the directions. Some customers look past that and use them straight. Another common mistake would be merely using more products than needed. A little goes a long way with our products, and overusing the product may result in poor results. For example, with our Punch-It Ceramic Detailer, one of its uses is as a final wipe detail spray, and customers will spray the product directly onto the paint rather than the microfiber towel. Since this product is fairly concentrated with SiO2, spraying it directly onto the paint oversaturates the panel with SiO2, which causes it to smear around, causing streaks. Instead, spray one mist of product directly onto the microfiber towel, go over a panel, flip the towel, and level any excess product. This method will be much faster and save you product and money, all while granting you amazing results! 

5. Can you share any info or hints at what we might see in the near future from Shine Supply?

In the near future, you will see more Youtube tutorial videos that will be extremely helpful to everyone, regardless of being an enthusiast or professional detailer. We strive for constant improvement in every aspect of our work. Our mission is to grow through progress, and we dedicate ourselves to evaluating and enhancing all that we offer. Prioritizing improvement over expansion, we know that success comes from being our best selves.

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  1. mario joseph vetrano says:

    love the shine spray used it for years

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