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The Rag Company Everest 1100: A Microfiber For Spot Cleaning


Rag Company Everest 1100

Is this a pillow or a microfiber towel? I am not a big fan of performing waterless style washes.  I know paint is scratch sensitive and the chance of marring with this wash method is likely higher.  But I also like to have (options) something for emergencies or problems that should be addressed promptly when opportunity or motivation to wash an entire vehicle is lacking. I also know this is more acceptable to the more casual enthusiasts, who are not obsessively chasing or trying to keep their paint PERFECT. With respect to that, it is still nice to have the plushest microfiber towel option available. I believe the Rag Company Everest 1100 checks this box.  I am usually a big fan of products branded from The Rag Company, and this no exception.  Being incredibly plush (at 1100 GSM) was a requisite for an emergency towel to have in my car at all times.


This microfiber has a border (black outlining shown above).  It is a necessary and appropriate part of the towel based upon its construction.  Microfiber towels with borders are usually non-starters for me.  This is simply because I do not want the added worry of the edge brushing against my paint.  It is likely unrealistic for a good quality 1100 GSM towel to not be held together without one.  As a result of it being a designated emergency microfiber towel (spot duty on the road), I am not as concerned about accidentally brushing my car with the edges of this towel.

Here is an example of an emergency.  I was not 100% certain what this was, but I was 100% certain it was not a good idea to leave it on my car.

Likely Bird Dropping

Using Poorboys Spray And Wipe, which is a waterless style wash solution, I promptly removed this foreign substance.


I prefer both the towel and the panel to be wet with the product when waterless washing.

I sprayed the area heavily.  After 20 to 30 seconds, I spritzed the towel and then proceeded to perform a gentle wipe of the area.  I followed up by blotting any drips.


With the towel folded in 4s there are 8 clean sides available.

Microfiber Folded In 4

Each side gets ONE wipe across the panel since we don’t want to wipe dirt back on a car.  I followed up by blotting any drips with a clean side.

My goal in this situation was not to perfectly clean my car, it was to fix an immediate concern safely.  Any other imperfections could be addressed at a later time at my leisure.  This microfiber towel was a major benefit in accomplishing this task.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

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