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Why DIY Detail?


DIY Detail

DIY Detail started as a simple question, what happened to all the people cleaning their cars in the driveway on the weekend?  A bit of reminiscing had me remembering when I was a kid riding my bike down the street, it seemed that almost every driveway, had a dad hand washing their car on the weekend. There was a pride and sense of accomplishment, and lots of swirled shiny cars ( these were the days of dish soap’s, terry towels, and real leather chamois’s). Back when I was a kid there weren’t many brands, and not much choice other that what was sold at the department store.

Fast forward 40 years, having grown with the detailing industry, someone starting today has more choice than they know what to do with, and frankly it can be overwhelming. Having helped develop many different brands and products over the years, the target for DIY Detail was simple, develop products that a professional would want to use, but easy enough for a novice enthusiast to use. In 2019 The R&D started to develop a simple effective and fun to use product line. The labels needed to be pleasant to look at, the names intuitive, and the number of products restrained. Working with several chemists I set out to develop bespoke products, DIY Detail is not a white label start up, but truly unique formulas.

Great, now we have products, but how do we get people to buy them? Let’s face it, in this day and age, if your products are not good you won’t be around very long, and if your marketing isn’t great, you won’t survive either. The marketing strategy for DIY Detail is simple, provide education, great products, and they will sell.

In order to accomplish this extraordinarily complex and innovative marketing strategy ( a bit of sarcasm here…) I needed help. I enlisted long time friend, professional detailer, and professional news anchor Nick McGurk. Together we set out to develop a series of fun how to videos. Neither one of us takes ourselves seriously, and it shows on camera, we are not trying to be the top elite level Detailers, instead we are trying to educate the audience on how to make detailing fun, effective, and satisfying.

In June of 2022 we quietly started posting videos and opened our online store. We felt we had a good concept and great products, and fortunately so did the audience. In very little time the sales started to progress, and our audience started to grow. Distributors around the world started calling. In the only 18 months DIY Detail has grown significantly, but the most surprising part is that despite the very targeted name, professional detailers are using the products as much, and in some countries more than enthusiasts.

Enter Detailed Image. DI has a very strong reputation for a reason, they only sell products they are confident in, and provide educational resources for their customers. It’s an honor for me to add DIY Detail to the prestigious catalog of Detailed Image. Now professional detailers and enthusiasts can enjoy the legendary Detailed Image customer service with the unique DIY Detail line of products.

Yvan Lacroix
DIY Detail
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10 comments on Why DIY Detail?

  1. Dan Giustino says:

    Great products, simple system that works.
    Muscle express Dan.

  2. D Allen says:

    By far the best detailing products on the planet, period. Everything they make is the best on the market. I’ve been detailing for over 20 years and their products surpass the rest by a mile. Especially their rinsless wash, legacy rinsless sponge, ceramic gloss, interior clean and protect, and all clean. Nothing on the market can touch those products period and that is all you need to make your car look better than anything on the road.

  3. Ron Ayotte says:

    I had the pleasure of being a beta tester for DIY Detail. Yvan and Nick sent me products to try out. To say I was blown away would be an understatement! I was even more honored when they asked me to be a moderator on the DIY Detail’s Facebook page..

  4. Sudhr Gupta says:

    Delighted to read this. I am 75, live in India and have been cleaning my cars for as long as I can remember. Couple of years back I started to use detailing products after watching videos on YouTube. I must say Yvan simplified the maize of products on the market an d hope he keeps the product list short and just improving on them. I am currently travelling to US, received my first order of products from DIY Detail, looking forward to use them on my cars back in India soon. Wish his products were available in India.

  5. Brendan says:

    IMO DIYDetail has made a significant contribution (not just products) to the detailing world.

    First of all they don’t focus on “perfect paint” that only a nutty detailer would notice. Most people want shiny paint. On a daily driver, it’s bonkers to chase perfection. Especially with today’s thin clearcoats.

    Secondly they have dialed in a “process” in which time and products are used efficiently. Gone are the days of repeated steps, and dozens of products. (Example would be using your rinsless as a base, and then iron remover as a “clay lube”). Using a pad washer, never put polish on a dirty pad, and “low and slow” on the polisher are all solid take aways.

    The shift from waxes to coatings is the right thing to do. It really does make it easier to keep a clean car.

    At this point I will mention 2 MASSIVE life changing things I learned from DIY Detail:

    1. Spray polish. Once you use a spray polish, you will never….. ever… not even…..think about using a traditional polish ever again. It is a game changer.

    2. The rotary polisher is not evil! For 25 years I thought these machines were the terminator, sent from the future to destroy car paint. Using Yvan’s techniques I reluctantly polished my brand new tundra with using their products and methods. The results were stunning. And most important at the end of the day my joints were not screaming nor did I need some Advil. (You youngins won’t appreciate this….. for now)

    Oh ya, the products, lol. They are reasonably priced, smell great, and they work.

    You basically have a streamlined process that saves you time, less product “choice” (it’s a good thing) and products that work.

    We don’t need 3 soaps, 2 compounds, 3 polishes, dedicated cleaners for everything, etc.

    As I use up my old stock I have been replacing with Diydetail, and at some point will be 100% diy.

  6. Yvan Lacroix says:

    Thank you!

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