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9 comments on Using Handheld Lights for Paint Inspection: Brinkmann LED vs. Xenon

  1. Spectacular article guys! I’ve been using my new Dual LED and absolutely love it.


  2. Roger says:


    Thanks for the in-depth article and comparison of the two Brinkmanns.

    I have the Brinkmann Xenon and am about to order the LED version based on your info. I seem to miss some light swirls with the Xenon light.

    • Marc Harris says:

      I’m glad you’ve found this article to be useful and hopefully it’ll help you down the line once you have both Brinkmann lights. Enjoy your new LED and happy detailing!

  3. Justin says:

    Excellent wtire up. I have tried a few times to do a correction with an LED. The LED lights I own have way too high of a lumen output and just wash out everything. (~200-300) They also suffer from a run time of less than 60 minutes in the best case.

    Brinkman makes a combination Xenon/LED 2 bulb lamp that might be the “detailing solution”.

  4. Eric says:

    Marc, great write up dude! Ill have to grab the dual LED next…my hand helds just cant keep up with my use (Im not tough on them, they are just cheapies (30 bucks) hahaha, on to bigger and better!

  5. William Gardiner says:

    Well I’ve read enough to tell myself that I’m going to order one of each. Haven’t been detailing but for the last couple of years and relying on cheap lights. Time to get serious due to this thorough and excellent article.

  6. Joshua Sarver says:

    Since the Brinkmann lights are no longer available from DI (nor can I find them anywhere else… does Brinkmann still produce lights?), what product would you recommend? I’ve read good things about the Scangrip Sunmatch, and other Scangrip products. Just curious what the go-to product is now-a-days. Thanks!

    • Hi Josh – the brinkmann lights are no longer available anywhere. I do believe the entire company no longer exists. For hand held inspection lighting, the key features you will want to find are light output (brightness), color temp, and light pattern (narrow or wide spread). My personal favorite options for inexpensive and very effective hand held inspection lighting are LED flashlights with daylight color temp, relatively high lumen output, and a zoomable light pattern that enables you to go from narrow to wide. These can be found for <$25 with rechargeable battery options.

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