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Wheel Woolie Cleaning Tips


An important, but often overlooked step in detailing is cleaning the important tools we use for every detailing step. Whether it be your wash mitt, applicator pad, brushes, etc. cleaning them after use is extremely important. Wash mitts and applicator pads may only require some shampoo and a soak to remove the light contamination or product on them. When using some of the stronger cleaners (i.e. wheel cleaners) is where some issues can arise if they are not cleaned early and often. These wheel cleaners are formulated with a blend of water soluble chemical compounds, which may have a neutral pH, be acid based or formulated with caustic compounds. Unlike popular car shampoos, which are very mild, these wheel cleaners are designed to break down brake dust, road salt and dirt which can be caked on and covering every square inch of your wheel.

When cleaning your wheels, one of the most popular products on the market today are the Wheel Woolie Brushes. These brushes are extremely soft, safe to use on your wheels (painted, chrome, aluminum, clear coated, alloy, bare metals, matte, etc.), front bumper, grill, spoiler, handles, trim pieces, etc. and they easily fit between spokes. Some spokes may be larger or smaller and that is when the different size Wheel Woolies come into play. They come in 1″, 2″ and 3″ diameters that make cleaning those nooks and crannies super easy. Whether you own these brushes or are looking to purchase them in the future, Braun Brush has put together a really easy guideline on how to clean these brushes. What is the key to cleaning these brushes? It is actually really simple, just rinse with water! Frequent rinsing with clean water is highly effective with cleaning and removing dirt, grime and chemicals from these brushes. This cleaning will help prolonging their life, so rinse often (multiple times during and after detailing) and squeeze dry.

How do you clean your detailing tools? We would love to hear about your processes in the comments section below!


1 comment on Wheel Woolie Cleaning Tips

  1. Steve K says:

    I will have a small bucket with water and some APC. Depending on the job, I’ll soak my tools and a rinse. Then I’ll place them on my wire rack to dry. Pretty simple.

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