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Where Do Swirls And Scratches Come From (Video)


Source: YouTube

Swirls and scratches are the eyesores of automotive paint and can really take away from the overall luster of your vehicle. Not sure where these imperfections come from? Check out this video from James Melfi, where he highlights where these imperfections come from and how to avoid them!

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Video Transcription

Hey, James with Detailed Image. Swirls and scratches are the eyesores of automotive paint. They are imperfections that reduce the luster and glow and can take hours to remove through polishing but you would be surprised how easily they can form. So where do swirls and scratches come from in the first place? Let’s start with the most common misconception, the tunnel wash. The tunnel wash, in theory, is designed to remove the dirt from the car, but in reality, it’s rubbing that dirt into the finish with the brushes, thus creating swirls and scratches. An improper hand wash can be just as devastating. Without proper lubrication and wash media, again you are just rubbing that dirt into the paint. Another thing I see often is paint being wiped down with dusters and towels. Yes, this does remove the dust but at the expense of rubbing it into the paint. My last point is this, paint delicate, don’t touch it. By grabbing the paint and placing things on the vehicle, you’re 100% going to create swirls and scratches.

2 comments on Where Do Swirls And Scratches Come From (Video)

  1. Joel says:

    Very true. I am meticulous with my paint finish and still however manage to accumulate swirls over time. After every drive I always blow off excess dirt/dust with my metro sidekick. At the end of the day, once paint is cool and dust blown off, vehicle is then generously sprayed down with chemical guys V7 and wiped down. Paint correction is done maybe every 6 months unless obvious isolated incident deems earlier intervention. Black paint…full time job indeed. Great article and great products you guys. Thanks again!

  2. james melfi says:

    Hey Joel,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the video, this was a lot of fun to shoot but we were definitely cringing inside as we went through that automatic car wash! Thanks for all your support!

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