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11 comments on Ask-A-Pro: Removing Water Spots from the Paint

  1. Franki says:

    U can also try 50/50 distill water/White vinergar spray let it sit 10 min on a clean surface and wash the car after.

    • Vinegar can be effective on some water spots which are still above the surface of the paint, but once they have etched below the surface it will be ineffective.


      • Albert says:

        Yes, another vote here for Megs 105. I had some severe calcified water deposits on my 2000 Tundra, which were the result of months of exposure to lawn sprinklers. I finally resorted to Megs 105 on an orange pad on a Flex polisher (speed 6) and it made short work of removing the water spots. I had tried clay bar, vinegar and lighter polishes but these only partially removed the spots. Was thrilled with the results.

  2. Matt says:

    I see water spots immediately after washing (using ONR and spigot water)..but it immediately goes away after using the spray detailer. I’m not sure if this qualifies?

    • Nick Carberry says:

      Hi Matt,

      Sounds like you have a case of hard water, which much of our country does. This isn’t horrible if you have great protection on your car, but you should realize that superior protection will be best now that you noticed the issue.


  3. CardRiver says:

    This is a wonder explanation of water spots and etching, and is a key to understanding many of the things one often encounters when assessing and polishing (especially a customer’s) vehicle. Thanks for providing the diagram!
    I remember polishing an ’07 Corvette whose hood contained about 5 bird etchings in the clear coat which weren’t revealed until after a 2-stage polish with the DA. In fact, I don’t even recall seeing the bird bombs until after the job was done!

  4. Mr.Sandman says:

    Hi Chad!

    Excellent work on this car. I am a great fan of your work u show on the civic forum. I do a little detailing myself back here in good ole germany but most of my work I donate to my friends and relatives… :)

    Was a little dissapointed when u posted in the civic forum that u pause a little with showing us your work.
    Was delighted on the other hand to hear that u got married. Is it the cute woman who showed up from time to time on your detailing thread? Well, good work of you on this “topic” as well… :)
    Wait ’til u become a father then… It happened to me twice til now… Lots of Excitement comes of that but you’ll get less time to do detailing I promise ya…
    Keep up the good work (and the sharing it with us)…

    Kind regards


  5. John R says:

    Hi guys,

    A sprinkler got to my car – water only on the car for less than a full day!
    I’m not a detailing professional and I haven’t heard of a lot of the products mentioned on all these web sites, so I’m tying to see if I’ve done sufficient removal for my 2009 black ML 350.

    Anyhow, I seemed to definitely remove the water spots themselves (mineral deposits), but I can kind of still see extremely minor and “pretty difficult to notice” etches where the spots were when I’m up close to the paint, inspecting the paint with a light. (wife thinks I’m crazy, which may be true!)
    Otherwise, the paint looks brilliant from any normal angle/distance!
    I first used a basic spray cleaner just to wipe the deposits.Then I used this bug/tar/sap remover, which removed the minerals. then I used a compound, (turtlewax) followed by a wax/cleaner, finished with a final coat of regular wax (nano wax spray)
    I also tried the vinegar, but as mentioned, it doesn’t remove the etches.

    I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth trying anything more, since it seems I’m unable to remove the etches that seem very deep in the surface. AND – I think I may be expecting too much, when no one, on a regular basis, is going to inspect my car with a lightbulb and magnifying glass :)
    But, I very recently bought this car, and I’m wanting to keep it looking good!
    Any advice? Maybe I should leave it alone? I don’t want to make it look worse, and I tried a bunch of stuff.
    Also, I’m thinking, this could totally happen again, since sprinklers are everywhere!
    I just can’t believe this water, left on there for less than one day, could do this.

  6. Denny Renner says:

    I have pondered for months before I decided to purchase a crspotless water deionizer to get rid of these water spots that accur after home car washes.I live in ST-Louis mo. Our water is excellent in St-louis but still leaves some water spots on car surfaces,especially on windows.The crspotless system elliminates this completely.I seems to make my cars and truck shine even more and have a very smooth surface feeling,no contaminates. I use mothers detailer spray in between washes.I have a beautiful 2002 c5 corvette with millineum yellow factory paint and looks fantastic since I have been using crspotless system. Feel free to contact me and I will elaberate more on car care. forrenns@aol.com

  7. Mary says:

    I live in las vegas and I have tried toget the sprinkler spots of hard water off my truck last night at the car wash and it did not work! Very disappointed!

  8. Mahdi says:

    I bought a car and the first time I took it to a car wash, I noticed that one side of my car has lots of water-drop-like spots that don’t go with water. The strange thing is that they are also on the window glasses and are only at one side of my car. Is this normal to have water spots on glasses? If so, can they be removed and how?


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