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22PLE Wheel Detail and Protection


Quick supplement to my article Audi A7 Paint Correction Detail & 22ple Paint Coating Application.  Just wanted to show more photos of the wheels and some closeups of the finished product.  For durability testing purposes, we used the 22PLE VX Pro coating on one of the wheels, whereas the other 3 were protected with the VM1 Rim and Metal coating.

We first thoroughly cleaned the wheels with various brushes, towels and chemicals.

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (1)

Next came the coating…

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (2)

Right after the first photo, we ran out of the small orange towels and used the DI Mini Towel, cut into smaller pieces…

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (3)

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (4)

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (5)

It was very hard to tell on these wheels when the coating was flashing, but under a certain light it was noticeable.  We waited around 6-7 minutes for it to be slightly grabby before wiping off.  You can tell the slight difference between the “wet” part of the wheel (bottom and right) and the parts where the coating was wiped off, to the upper left…

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (6)

The wheels came out great and the appearance didn’t really change at all, except maybe for a light sheen added to it.  The matte finish was still very apparent…

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (7)

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (8)

Couple shots of the wheels outside on the car…

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (9)

LUSTR.22PLEWheelDetail (10)

Overall the application process and looks very pretty much the same between the VX Pro and the VM1.  Time will tell on durability, but all we can do is hope the client doesn’t sell the car until we see it again.  The wheels should definitely be well protected with either product and I wouldn’t mind reaching for the VX Pro if I was to run out of the VM1 wheel coating on some job.

Thanks as always for reading!

Ivan Rajic LUSTR Deatil
Ivan Rajic
LUSTR Detail
257 N Woodwork Lane
Palatine IL 60067
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