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Porsche GT3RS Paint Correction and Coating Application


Here’s a short and sweet article showing off a gorgeous and rare Porsche 911 GT3RS we worked on earlier this year.  I took quite a few photos but for some odd reason the files were bad and I was only left with a dozen or so.  Regardless, I made the most of it by creating a short little video below and I’ll also post the few photos within the article.

The owner originally contacted us because he wanted to perfect the paint before the dealer installed PPF/clear bra on the full car.  Porsche is usually pretty good with new cars and paint condition from my experience, but this one wasn’t great.  It had quite a few bad swirl marks all over.  What’s worse, there were many buffer holograms as well as random sanding marks left over from the factory.  It was definitely one of those cases where the goal wasn’t to make the car look brand new because “new” looked so bad.  It wasn’t acceptable so it needed to be much better than brand new!

We performed a full 2-3 step polishing on it, which made the paint look absolutely perfect.  After the paint correction, the dealer installed Xpel PPF to the entire car and we came a few days after to apply 22ple protective coatings to both the painted panels (on top off the PPF) as well as on the wheels. Now the car is easier to maintain, really well protected and has a lot more gloss to it.

Check out the video below showing the process as well as some of the photos of this gorgeous GT3RS.

P.S. I’m trying to do more and more videos both for Detailed Image as well as my business Lustr Detail, so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

Lustr.Porsche911GT3RSCorrectionCoating (1)
Lustr.Porsche911GT3RSCorrectionCoating (2)
Lustr.Porsche911GT3RSCorrectionCoating (3)
Lustr.Porsche911GT3RSCorrectionCoating (4)
Lustr.Porsche911GT3RSCorrectionCoating (5)
Lustr.Porsche911GT3RSCorrectionCoating (6)

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9 comments on Porsche GT3RS Paint Correction and Coating Application

  1. Ayaz says:

    Looks great, what do you use to clean ppf glue?

  2. jkrig says:

    Ayaz: Looks like Ivan corrected prior to PPF being installed, then after PPF was installed the coating was applied to painted surfaces as well as on top of PPF…

  3. chicagomacan says:

    Ivan – great work!
    I’ve had the pleasure of having Ivan work on my black Porsche Cayenne (several times). The black was nearly impossible to maintain – but Ivan not only taught me proper maintenance, but when swirls needed to be removed, he did amazing work.

    I have a new Macan that he’ll be doing a clear bra on next week

  4. Dallen Helmer says:

    Was the Porsche paint soft like most porsches? If so what polish did you use to finish it down with (Machine and polish)? To end up with no micromarring.

    • Ivan Rajic says:

      Dallen I can’t remember off the top of my head what polish we used for finishing as it was a while ago, but either M205 or Menzerna 85rd. The paint wasn’t too soft or sensitive like the jet black or some of Porsche red or dark paints. It was pretty easy to work on and polish.

  5. Kirk Ziegler says:

    Thank you for sharing.

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