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Aquatek Bliss: The Latest in Hydrophobic Enhancing Technology


Aquatek Bliss

Origin of Bliss

When we first set out to design our coatings, we wanted to have our coatings have some degree of slickness to them so that they would wear out evenly throughout the lifespan of the coating on the surface. We were aware of the fact that applying a topper to a coating has many benefits, and it’s become standard practice in the ceramic coating industry to offer such a product. We wanted to do something different, something that would give the slickness of wax, provide additional gloss and awesome hydrophobic properties. We also wanted it to be super, ridiculously easy to apply and make things as efficient as possible during the coating process.

One of the first things we wanted to address was those areas where the hydrophobic effect of a coating seems to struggle the most over time, such as rockers panels. We then figured that why not make it for the entire coated vehicle and not just for those specific areas? The next was to find a way to make installing it a fast and easy to use process with instant gratification results. We didn’t want to make it spray or a liquid coating style, but more like a traditional wax style. A different way of installing a topper that would save time. And that is how Aquatek Bliss came to be.

How to Use Aquatek Bliss

Aquatek Bliss was designed to be installed during the coating process. More importantly, we designed it to be installed immediately after coating a panel. Yes, you read this correctly. We designed Bliss to bleed into the coating. For example, you would coat a panel in Aquatek Select and then immediately apply Bliss to that panel before moving onto the next panel. Because Bliss integrates with the coating, it gives the effect of Bliss more durability. To apply Bliss you need to have the following:

Aquatek Bliss and Microfiber

  1. We recommend applying Bliss with a coating applicator pad such as the Autofiber Saver Applicator
  2. A clean microfiber towel such as the Eagle Edgeless 500 Towel from The Rag Company makes for easy leveling.
  3. And of course, Aquatek Bliss.

Make sure that the surface is clean and/or has been properly coated prior to using Bliss.

Aquatek Bliss and Autofiber Saver Applicator

Aquatek Bliss can be installed onto a previously coated surface to give it slickness, added gloss and hydrophobic properties. We recommend installing it onto Aquatek Select immediately after applying the coating or within 3 hours of initial application of the coating for added durability.

Apply 3 drops onto the applicator. A little goes a long way! So be sure to not use too much. You can typically do a hood in 3 parts and a door panel in 2 parts.

Aquatek Bliss on Saver Applicator Block

The consistency of Bliss is a little different from any topper in the market today. It will go on more like a wax or lotion. Aquatek Bliss is an SiO2 based product.

Applying Aquatek Bliss

Do a small section and once you apply it to the surface, you can then immediately level and buff it with a clean microfiber cloth.

Wiping Away Aquatek Bliss

Installing Aquatek Bliss is that easy! It’s designed as an easy on and easy off application. Once applied, you will instantly notice that the surface is super slick and gives more pop to the paint finish.

Finished Surface

Things to Remember When Using Bliss

Bliss can be used on a variety of surfaces such as plastic lenses, exterior glass and glossy trim. It is not recommended to use on rubber, textiles or sensitive surfaces. Bliss can be used to promote added hydrophobic effect on wheel surfaces as well. Great for use inside door jambs to make cleaning easier.

The goal in designing Bliss was to eliminate the extended time required to wait before installing a topper onto a fresh ceramic coating. Although Bliss will give gloss and hydrophobic effect to a non-coated paint finish, its durability is limited as a stand-alone coating. It is designed to mesh with a fresh coating during installation. Just keep in mind that not all coatings are the same. Aquatek Select for example has a 3-hour tack time in which the coating can be exposed to water and a cure time of 48 hours. Aquatek Bliss has a durability of up to 6 months under daily driver conditions. As the name suggests, Bliss gives the instant gratification results that everyone looks for in a product. Serving as an easy-to-use solution to life’s non-hydrophobic problems in a ceramic coating.

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