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Introducing Aquatek Coatings: Born by Passion and Performance


Aquatek Coatings Founders Mike Cardenas & Jason Warnock

In the Beginning

My old business professor and mentor in college used to say, “in business, it’s who you know”. Having created the market for detailing here in my area, it allowed my business to grow exponentially by sheer word of mouth. When I officially launched Forza Detailing in April of 2018, I was proposed with the opportunity to run all operations in North America for a well-known coating company. I agreed to take that opportunity, but on the condition that I was allowed to bring my friend Jason Warnock into the fold.

Jason and I met when he was working for Todd Cooperider at Esoteric Auto Detail in Columbus, Ohio. I would be invited to do demos at their events or fill in as an instructor at their academy when the team had to travel to do a huge collection of cars. Jason and I quickly became friends and his extensive knowledge and talents within the detailing industry were exactly what was needed for running things with this coating company project.

So, we both set out to begin work with this coating company. After a few months, we quickly started to feel that we were limited in our ability to move things along. After all, it wasn’t our company, and we were restricted in various ways. Enter the pandemic and all the challenges that came along with it. Once things started to get back to “normal” we started to become frustrated and out of that frustration, began the talk of starting our own company. Like my business professor said, it’s who you know, and we certainly knew a lot of people.

Aquatek Coatings

Introducing Aquatek Coatings

We searched various countries and blenders to find the right team that could make the products we wanted. Being a couple of 80’s kids, we went with an 80’s/ 90’s inspired marketing. Kind of a Miami Vice meets every John Hughes movie type of vibe. The colors, the logo is purely inspired by our childhood and teenage years. We finally found the right team that was willing to work with us and faithfully produce our ideas. Then began the process of designing our first product which would become our signature coating for professional use, Singular. We then designed and created Profile, which is our wheel and metal coating. SYNTH, our maintenance Si02 spray and then our coating GT which we designed for use for paint, PPF and vinyl. With those 4 products, we set out to start launching Aquatek Coatings.

Launched on October 1st, 2022, Aquatek Coatings had gone from an idea that came from frustration to fruition. We reached out to all our friends and colleagues in the detailing industry and sent out samples for them to try our products. We knew that we were onto something special once the feedback was coming in unanimously in agreement with our results.

Aquatek Coatings Engineering

The Aquatek Difference

Designed in the USA and made in Japan,  Aquatek products are uniquely blended from some of the highest quality sourced SiO2 and materials. Working with our factory partners in Japan, we developed products that over deliver and are easy to install under various climate conditions. Independently tested to meet strict industrial standards and most importantly, real-world tested to confirm those results.  Moreover, we set out to make our products provide efficiency by creating them as a one-coat system. With technology to give a 3-hour tack time and a full cure time of 48 hours.

We saw this as a necessity for the professional to help alleviate the need to keep vehicles longer than previously required to install a second coat or release the vehicle under inclement weather conditions when coated. Our one-coat approach adds to the efficiency in the shops of our installers.

As former reps and installers, we know many of the pain points of installers. This is why we implemented special programs and incentives for our Aquatek Installers. Such as our rewards program, exclusivity, free shipping, VIP Group, special discounts and our referral program. To help us take care of those who take care of us, our Aquatek Installers.

At Aquatek Coatings, we know that people give too much credit to the coating they use, when it’s the hours and paint correction skills involved. We feel that true gloss is achieved through a proper paint correction process. Our coatings are merely the last piece of the puzzle to provide additional gloss and protection.


In Closing

Whether it’s automotive, marine, aviation or other industries, our goal is to serve the professional detailing industry and consumer market, to provide products that check many of the boxes that professionals and enthusiasts look for. No-pressure sales tactics or over-hyped marketing. As a ask-a-pro blog author of many years and co-founder of Aquatek Coatings, it makes me proud to be among the best product brands in the industry at Detailed Image.

Source: YouTube

Mike Cardenas
Forza Detailing
Northeast Indiana
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2 comments on Introducing Aquatek Coatings: Born by Passion and Performance

  1. Greg @ DI says:

    I know you guys have worked so hard on these products and I can’t wait for our customers to try them out! I have found them to be super easy to use with the durability everyone wants. SYNTH is the perfect finishing and maintenance step too!

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