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Aquatek Select Advanced Glass Coating: Something New & Something Different


When we developed our Aquatek authorized only signature coating Singular, we knew we had created something special. Our network of installers love the ease of installation and performance of Singular. So, when we decided to make a coating for the masses, we decided to take our signature coating and make a junior version of it. Something new with features not commonly found in today’s coatings. Introducing, Aquatek Select Advanced Glass Coating for paint finishes.

Aquatek Coatings Select Paint Finish Coating

What Makes Aquatek Select Different

When we designed Select, we wanted to make a coating that would be extremely easy to install by even the most beginner of installers. Ease of installation under various conditions. Under arid, humid, cold and hot climates with hassle-free installation. Durability of up to 3 years with proper maintenance. An ultra-fast tack time of 3 hours and a cure time of 48 hours. Additionally, giving the wet-look gloss everyone loves with a hardness that makes it perfect for the daily driver. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we certainly made it a little snazzier. Even professional Detailers would agree that Aquatek Select is a solid choice and many of our Aquatek Installers use it in their shops.

How to Install Aquatek Select

At Aquatek, whether you are a professional detailer or detailing enthusiast, we take pride in making our products easy to use. Using a ceramic coating can seem like a really daunting task for the first-time user. So here’s some helpful information to help you make your installation of Aquatek Select a success, along with some useful tips and tricks.

Prior to installation of any ceramic coating, it is important to have the vehicle properly washed, prepped and paint corrected before installing a coating.

Aquatek Select tools needed.

Tools Required for Installation of Aquatek Select.

  1. Aquatek Select
  2. Rubber Gloves
  3. 2 Microfiber towels (The Rag Company Eagle Edgeless 500 recommended)
  4. Applicator (Autofiber Saver Applicator Pad is recommended)

Installing the insert onto the bottle of Aquatek Select prior to using.

Applying Select onto the Paint Surface

When opening the box of Aquatek Select for the first time, look for the applicator insert it into the bottle prior to using. We designed our insert with an easier to pour design in mind to allow for the coating to be applied generously onto the applicator pad. We found that other bottle inserts can be a struggle to put the appropriate amount of coating onto the applicator pad. Often causing the installer to not put enough coating on the paint surface, affecting the quality of the installation and performance.

Aquatek Select being applied to the coating applicator

Once the insert is installed. Apply a line of coating onto the applicator pad. Approximately 5 to 6 light shakes onto the pad. We recommend using a pad such as the Autofiber Saver Applicator Pad. Choose one color and stick to that color during the application process. Using a Saver Applicator Pad maximizes the output of coating onto the surface and keeps the coating from soaking into the internal sponge as found in other applicators.

Applying Aquatek Select onto the surface with the Autofiber Saver pad

Now that your applicator is loaded with Select, apply to the surface using even, overlapping movements. To ensure proper coverage, use a crosshatch pattern and applying small sections at a time, working panel by panel is recommended. For instance, if working a hood, break the hood into 3 to 4 different sections, rather than doing the whole hood.

Rainbow effect on the surface once the coating is ready to be leveled.

Once the coating is applied onto the surface, wait approximately 30 to 60 seconds and using a clean microfiber towel, wipe the surface evenly until the surface appears clear. Under humid conditions, the coating may require to be removed faster. One indication that may help is seeing a rainbow type effect onto the surface where the coating was applied. This will help let you know that it is ready to be buffed with your microfiber towel. Make sure to wipe the surface until the paint finish appears clear or streaks or haze. Use the second towel and wipe a final time to ensure proper leveling and to avoid leaving “high spots” or excess coating on the surface.

Once you wipe the surface, scan the area for any leftover product that was not leveled properly before starting a new panel. It is recommended to go panel by panel to make the installation easy to manage. This makes it easy in case you have to pull away from your project for any reason.

Application of Aquatek Select

Wait 10 to 30 seconds or wait for the coating to show a rainbow effect before leveling as show in this photo.

Be sure to wipe around door handles and as these are some of the most commonly missed areas that leave high spots during installation.

High Spots and Final Inspection

Ask any professional and they will certainly tell you the high spots are something that no coating project should ever have before leaving their shop. It’s always important to check your work for high spots before moving onto the next panel. Once you have completed coating the entire vehicle, we recommend that you check the vehicle outside in the sun from various angles to check for high spots. If you are checking the vehicle within 2 hours of installation, most high spots can be easily leveled with a microfiber towel. If you find a high spot after the 3-hour tack time, use a very light polish on a microfiber towel to level out the high spots.

Tips & Tricks for Using Aquatek Select

Wipe your bottle cap and top of the bottle after use to avoid residue to harden and avoid chards of coating getting onto your pad the next use

  • Wipe your bottle and cap clean with a junk microfiber towel to keep coating residue from hardening and making the next use cleaner and keeping residue coating getting onto the applicator pad.

Use 2 oz of Rags to Riches in a bucket of warm water to soak towels after use during the coating process

  • You can re-use your microfiber towels after coating. To do this, fill a bucket with warm water and use 2 oz. of P&S Rags to Riches and immediately soak your towels into the solution after use. This keeps the coating from hardening on the towel. Wash them separately from your other towels. Giving you more uses on your coating towels. Unfortunately, this is not recommended for the applicators. You will have to dispose of them after each use.

Microfiber towels soaking in the solution after use.

Using Aquatek BLISS and SYNTH with Select

Aquatek BLISS being applied on Aquatek Select

  • For a slicker finish and additional depth of gloss, apply Aquatek BLISS immediately after installing Select onto a panel. BLISS is designed to integrate and bleed into the coating, giving the effect of BLISS added durability compared to traditional topper coatings. For instructions on how to use BLISS, check out the article on Aquatek BLISS. Make sure to install BLISS during the coating process and not after the 3-hour tack time or full cure. You can use BLISS with any coating installation.
  • Another way to give additional slickness and gloss enhancement is by using Aquatek SYNTH onto Select. It’s important to note that unlike BLISS, SYNTH is designed to be installed after the 3-hour tack time or full cure. 
  • For an insane slick finish and high gloss look, we recommend you install Select, BLISS during the coating process and finish off with Aquatek SYNTH after the 3-hour tack time.
  • When using Aquatek SYNTH, we recommend spraying SYNTH onto a microfiber towel and then onto the surface, then buffing until clear with an additional microfiber towel.

Aquatek SYNTH going on after the 3-hour tack time on Aquatek Select.

Aquatek SYNTH beading onto the surface after installation of Aquatek SELECT and Aquatek BLISS

In Closing

We feel that you are going to love how easy it is to install Aquatek Select and the performance we put into it. An average install time on a sedan is around 30 minutes with Aquatek Select. Keep in mind that we designed Select to be a one-coat design just like our other coatings. This makes coating with Select economical, efficient and one of the easiest coatings to install on the market today. We invested in technology to make the cure time faster, making it easier for shops and detailing enthusiasts to use Aquatek Select. By eliminating the need to have to wait for 12 hours or longer to release a vehicle or the inability to release a vehicle under inclement weather. When we were developing Select, we lovingly called it Singular Jr. and we feel that we certainly made a special coating that gives everyone a taste of what our Aquatek Authorized Installers offer with Aquatek Singular. If you are considering a ceramic coating that checks a lot of the boxes that professionals want in a coating, then consider Aquatek Select.

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1 comment on Aquatek Select Advanced Glass Coating: Something New & Something Different

  1. Andrew Vittoria says:

    Hi. I have a question about Aquatek and coatings in general. So with so many choices from Ceramic to Graphene from all kinds of reputable manufacturers like Gyeon, McKee’s, gteqnik, Ethos, Car Pro. Having said all that I know there are a ton more variables as well so how should one choose the type of coating, the brand? For example , why should I choose Aquatek over anybody elses? I’m in the process of buying a Corvette Stingray and I would like to make the best choice that I can. Any and all advice is appreciated and I’m sure the advice would help others as well. Appreciate you guys!!

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