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6 comments on Ask-A-Pro: Cleaning Foam Buffing Pads

  1. Scott R says:

    Thanks Rasky, products on the market are so versatile now. I was wondering if I could use Poorboy’s APC (diluted of course) without having to purchase a separate pad cleaning product. What do you think?


    • Hey Scott,

      I personally have not had a chance to use the Poorboy’s APC yet, but I’m confident just about any APC will work. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to test it out on one pad first just to be safe. Also be sure to rinse the pads out really well regardless of which APC you use.


  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for the guidance. Do you clean a blue or crimson pad that you’ve just used to apply Wet Diamond with this same process? I would guess that you couldn’t get this completely clean and that the Wet Diamond pad should only be used for applying Wet Diamond going forward. Could you comment on this?


    • Hey Andy,

      Yes, you would want to use the same process and you will likely see some product staining in the pad, which is common with most sealants.

      One other thing I forgot to mention is that it’s a good idea to remove as much product as you can with a towel first, also referred to as “cleaning on the fly”. While the pads still on the D/A polisher, hold the face of the pad against a clean towel (which is being held by you other hand) and turn on the machine for a few seconds. This should remove a lot of the excess product from the pad.


  3. Andy says:

    A quick follow up – once you use a pad for applying a sealant is it good for anything else? Or should it be saved only for sealant going forward?


    • I always keep them as a dedicated wax/sealant pads. It probably wouldn’t be a big deal to clean it and then use it with a polish, but I would never want to take an old polish pad and use it for applying a sealant.

      I actually try to keep all my pads dedicated for one specific product as much as possible, and I will often label them on the Velcro backing with a sharpie. Of course “try” would be the key word there! With so many different products on hand it’s really hard to do this. 😉


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