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7 comments on Ask-A-Pro: PC+105+Surbuf=Results & Much More!

  1. Art says:

    Hello Greg

    Item 1 Do NOT prime the surbuf pad. This is new, must of the articles recommend priming this particular pad.


    • Art,

      While it may sound contradictory to other tutorials on this pad/polish combination, it does indeed work (I’ve done it both ways). When you initially apply the product directly to the pad and then spread it around on the surface, you are in a sense priming the pad. I would only apply this method to the Surbuf pad and M105.

  2. Greg Nichols says:


    Thanks for the reply, yes with 105/surbuf you don’t need to prime. Priming a pad gives the product a bridge or bench for the product to sit upon, creating a uniform surface. Surbuf pads don’t really need the same level of priming, the product flows through the “fingers” of the pad creating the same effect. I spent 3 days with Kevin Brown one of the “inventors” of 105/surbuf, he even varies a bit from is original write up. The key is cleaning more than priming.

    He would clean the pad after each panel, then lightly sprits the pad with water, adding no more product. When He noticed the cut time was reduced he would add small amounts of product.

    Pay close attention to what is going on as you work, what changes as you work, and what happens when you do or don’t do something………experimentation is everything. To many detailers just go through the steps, excellent detailing comes from attention.


  3. Art says:

    Thank you GREG and TODD!

    I’m I correct to say that LC Hydro-Tech pads HAVE to be primed??


  4. Greg Nichols says:


    Yes proper priming of Foam pads increases a much more uniform outcome. Clean after a large section or panel, add 2-3 drops of more compound/polish and work it again.

    I’m thinking a video of pad priming, would be a great article! Anyone else think so?


  5. Danny R. says:


    I think that would be a great idea. Also if someone would make a video on how to do the KB method using the M105 and surbfs. Maybe you could post it up here as well as on DB.

    See you around,

    Danny R.

  6. jscarver1 says:

    A message of thanks to Greg Nichols. I e-mailed you approximately 3-4 months ago to ask your opinion of a product that I was considering for my car and your reply led me to using the Megs 105/205 combination with 5″ Surbuf pads. You recommended the Meguire’s products and I decided upon the Surbuf pads and polishing techniques shown by Todd Cooperider in his excellent video. The results I got using your advice were simply outstanding! With my limited experience in detailing I could not have hoped for a better result, and I attribute it to the help I received from you and your encouragement. My heartfelt thanks for the time you took out of what I know is a busy schedule to reply and encourage a stranger.

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