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Audi RS5 in Sepang Blue Detail with Modesta BC-04 Glass Coating


I recently had a referral from Zach McGovern and a few others from team Autogeek forum, for a beautiful Audi RS5 in Sepang Blue. Thank you guys and thank you Zach!

 Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

At first sight of the car I could tell the owner takes a lot of pride into it. Just some light scratches and a few rids, not in horrible condition at all from the norm. The car under went some previous detailing that the customer was not happy with (I wont go into details about that). However, the owner took it upon himself to repair a great deal of mishaps and did a really great job doing so in 3 days. So the car only really needed some good refining and finishing for the most part.

Getting started with the detail, the customer and I removed the clear film (from the front end) and the badges (from the rear end). I get started with any detail by completing the wheels first, then proceed to the body of the car. I washed the car with Meguiar’s Hyper Wash Shampoo and wool wash mitt. Once done I emptied the wash bucket and filled it back up with fresh soap and water. I then used the NanoSkin AutoScrub Wash Mitt on a second wash to free the car of any contaminates. I gently scrubbed the car down again with light pressure in vertical and horizontal motions.

After a good decontamination and thorough dry I touched up on some of the details. The large aggressive beautiful front grill of the Audi caught my attention. I started from here as far as detail work. I touched up on a few more odds and ends and I then called it a day. I took the hour and a half drive home for the night to get some rest and I was ready to tackle the paint in the morning.

Getting started the next morning I immediately laced up the Rupes and got to work. With the Meg’s Finishing Disc’s (5″) and M100  I proceed to remove defects from the paint. We all know how that goes, hours later I was finished. As a second step in the paint refining I used Swissvax Medium and a Orange Lake Country Pad (5″ for most of the car) on the Rupes.

As far as 3′” work. I did have to use the M105 and cutting disc in a few sections on the Porter Cable. The rockers were done with Flex rotary, Orange Uber Pads and Swissvax Medium.

audi RS5 detail | aowheels

After the correction was complete, I went over the entire paint surface with Modesta P-01A Primer. P-01A would be the first step in the preparation process of Modesta Glass Coating Treatment. This acrylic based resin primer is similar to one of the components of automotive paints. Once it’s applied and dried to the paint surface, it will act as a coating base and increased surface material. This product will fill minor surface scratches and can be layered to your liking. The P-01A will need anywhere from 1-3 hours to cure to the paint surface before adding additional layers. P-01A is a primer for Modesta’s glass coatings that can also be used as a finishing polish or LSP. Its thick bi-layered membrane works together with the glass coatings to produce a deep gloss, shine and reflections from the paint surface. P-01A is a non abrasive and will not damage vehicle paint work. I have found that P-01A is not only and excellent base coat but also an excellent coating maintenance product as well, no matter what the coating is on the car. P-01A has the ability to fix light scratches and marring to a coating without the use of cutting and diminishing a coatings integrity.

As the name states, “Nano Titanium.” This is because of the increased levels of titanium dioxide within the product. We recommend BC-04 for black or dark colored cars. The titanium will add pure glass like reflection and a depth to the paint work. BC-04 is a wet application coating that gives almost the same look as BC-05 but with a harder, thinner layer. For a wet application coating, this product is amazingly thick and you really get a chance to see the product in action through the application process. The results and durability are amazing! BC-04 will sheet water like no other and act as a strong semi scratch resistant coating that protects from natural fall out, UV rays, maintenance washes etc. The application can be slightly difficult if used incorrectly. Climate and humidity will play a roll from our testing, and should be preformed in a controlled environment. Increased humidity or paint surface temps will cause the product to flash faster than expected.

The application for this car went great! It was a long second day and extremely worth the effort. The detailing ended at around 2am. Before hitting the road the car was becoming more brilliant by the minute. The last few pics without my logo on them were submitted by the client. I really wish I could have got some pics of my own with this now incredibly protected Audi RS5.

As many of you guys now know. Alex Borda and I are the Modesta distributors for North America. Through our company Pure Shine LLC, we bring you the very professional coating line of Modesta.

Feel Free to ask any questions! I would be happy to answer them!

audi RS5 detail | aowheels

Raised wing to get into those unseen areas! Plastic Trim was protected with Swissvax Nano Express.

Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

The heart of the beast. Cleaned up and also protected with Swissvax Nano Express.

Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

Below is by far my absolute favorite tire shine. Swissvax Pneu Glossy and Swissvax tire shine applicator brush.

Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

Audi RS5 Detail | aowheels

Audi RS5 detail | aowheels

Audi RS5 detail | aowheels

audi RS5 detail | aowheels

audi RS5 detail | aowheels

audi RS5 detail | aowheels

Thanks for viewing this detail and I hope you enjoyed! As always, feel free to ask any questions!

Brian Guy
Brian Guy

11 comments on Audi RS5 in Sepang Blue Detail with Modesta BC-04 Glass Coating

  1. James Catone says:

    Awesome write up! Any idea how Modesta compares to Ceramic Pro 9h, or opti coat pro? One of my favorite car and color combos!

    • Brian Guy says:

      Thank You James!! Modesta Coatings “are” Outstanding!!
      I really like Audi paint! This color combo would be one of my fav’s as well.

    • Brian Guy says:

      Much Appreciated Zach!!

      By the way guys!?! Zach McGovern, is running a great deal regarding Modesta! Check Out His Site!

  2. Matt says:

    Guys- I can tell you that not only is this product awesome, but Brian’s work is exceptional. His attention to detail, knowledge and Customer Service is bar none. What an incredible guy and I was very lucky to be able to have him detail my car. I spent hours on this beauty before calling Brian in, and I am so glad I did.

  3. Great result Brian…It speaks for it self.

  4. Reece @ DI says:

    Great Post Brian!

  5. Brian Guy says:

    Thank You Guys!!!

  6. ildar says:

    that is original Sepang Blue?

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