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Best New Detailing Products – Fall 2021


Best New Products - Fall 2021

In many areas across the country, we are enjoying the crisp fall air and beautiful changing leaves, but in the back of my head, all I can think about is getting my car ready for the rough winter months ahead. With the holidays coming up, we here at DI will be running some exciting sales and I wanted to take some time to highlight some new detailing products added to the site this fall season. While all of these products will help detail no matter the season, they are on my shortlist of items to add to help me with my winter prep.

Gilmour Heavy Duty Shut Off Valve

The Gilmour Heavy Duty Shut Off Valve makes washing so much easier. You can attach it where you would attach a hose to your house, but where I like to use it is at the end of my hose. This allows me to quickly shut off water flow, so I can swap out tools without getting wet or running to the house to turn off the waterflow. On top of that, this item features an all metal construction and rust proof coating, so you know it will last.


DI Brushes EZ Detail Brush Rubber Tip

Now you might be asking, a rubber tip? Really? How can that be on your best new products list? Well, the EZ Detail Brush is one of the most popular detailing brushes on the market and anyone who has had their rubber tip pop off and get lost will attest to this item being a must have. If that tip does pop off, you are left with a bare metal tip, which will scratch the wheels you are aiming to clean. Pick up a few this holiday season and keep them on hand if yours does happen to pop off during a detail!


Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Decon

This 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Decon was released just last week and offers a fantastic level of cleaning ability, while being extremely safe and easy to use. It helps you bridge that gap from a wheel cleaner to an iron remover and it can even be used on your paint, trim, tires, etc. Oberk has a winner here and it is recommended to pick this one up to help clean your vehicle, or gift to your favorite detailer this holiday season.


Flex XCE 10-8 125 Corded Polisher

The Flex 3401 VRG has been a staple in the detailing industry for years now, so why would I be suggesting the XCE? Well, take the 3401 VRG, keep the forced rotation movement but update the movement for what Flex calls a smoother, lighter, and quieter detail. The XCE comes in both a corded or cordless option and is a great option if you are looking for a new polisher this fall.


Gyeon Mohs Lite Box

Gyeon makes some great coatings and their kits are fantastic. This provides detailers with an instruction sheet and all applicators needed to apply the coating purchased. The Gyeon Lite boxes however, do not come with any applicators, instructions, etc. that their kits offer. This allows detailers who are used to applying their coatings, or already have applicators on hand, to pick up a Gyeon coating at a lower price point. Something like the Mohs is a great option to protect your paint for the upcoming winter months!


Honorable Mention:

Below are some new items that were recently added and missed my list, but are certainly worth checking out!

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