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Video | Griot’s Garage G9 Random Orbital Unboxing


In this video, we unbox for the first time the all-new Griot’s Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher, which is available now! Check out the links below for items mentioned in the video, along with some suggested pads and polishes for the G9.



Polishing Liquids

Product Description

The Griot’s Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher makes removing imperfections in your paint a breeze! The Griot’s Garage G6 Polisher was extremely popular with weekend warriors, detailing enthusiasts and even pros, but Griot’s was not satisfied. They worked to take this unit and improve it as much as possible while still making it affordable to detailers. After years of hard work and evolution, the G9 was born! This unit packs a powerful 1000 watt, 8.5 amp motor, 9mm throw, and 2000 – 6400 orbits per minute and new gears that are 45% stronger than the previous model. You’ll notice this power helps you remove swirls, scratches, oxidation and other imperfections with ease. The first-ever fan-cooled counter-balance and multiple vents are designed to keep overall operating heat down, which extends the life of tools, backing plates and pads while improving performance. At the bottom of the unit, you will find a quick connect where the 10ft 18 AWG SJO rubber power cord enters the G9 handle. You heard that right, a quick connect! This allows you to quickly snap-in, or remove the cord at a moments notice. This is great if you want to hang the unit up, swap it out for a longer cord, travel, etc. The safety clip keeps the cord in place during use, so no fears of it popping out while polishing. It even has a temperature management system that will shut the machine down if for some reason it was overheating to the point of burning up the motor. Throw in the premium bearing construction, lubricated with Mobil Mobilux Premium Grease, speed dial that works for left and right handed users, constant speed control, quick access to brush side ports and platypus head grip, shroud and rubber rest pads and this unit has many high-end unique features. If you are looking for an awesome overall polisher, the Griot’s Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher is an amazing choice!



Hey guys, James here, we’re at the Auto Nuvo shop and this is my favorite time of the year. It is the time where there are all kinds of brand new detailing products coming out. SEMA is just around the corner, so there’s going to be releases like crazy, good time to be excited, right? We have a new product from Griots Garage that I’m pretty excited about. I haven’t messed around with it. I literally just got it in the mail and we are going to unbox it. And I think what’s kind of really get me excited about this particular polisher is it reminds me of the old days where we literally just had a polisher like this. This is the Griots Garage six inch, right? This is the third generation. So this is actually the relatively new one. But back in the day before Rupes, before long throw, before, you know, forced rotation, right?


We had the Porter cable, you know, we had different Meguiar’s polishers we had the Griots and we, that’s what we used, right? We would, you know, hook a three inch backing plate to these. We’d put our five inch backing plate, we’d put microfiber discs on here and we’d make these work. And they worked unbelievable. Really for the, for, for what we had to do. They were, they were incredible. They were reliable. Thing that’s great about Griots is they stand behind their products, you know, wholeheartedly. Which is something where if it died, you’d, you’d call them, you’d get a new one and you’re right back at it. Right? And that was something that was just such a great thing about this particular machine. It was just an absolute beast, you know, for what it was back in the day. Now we obviously, we have all these crazy new machines that are completely changing the game.


One inch machines, two inch machines, three inch machines specific, right? And obviously we’re in a completely different realm nowadays. But this is kind of where it all began. Machine just like this. And now what we have is we have the Griots, G9, which for me, I just did, you know, a little bit of research on it before I’m kind of opening this box and I just kinda wanted to see, you know, what was the hype on it, what’s going on with it? Because I’m usually pretty skeptical, skeptical, skeptical about brand new machines when they’re released. I usually give it a little bit of time, right? Let you know, let some people test it out and then I’m like, okay, you know, let’s go try it out from there. But the thing that’s kind of got me excited is the price point number one looks like this is going to retail for about 150 bucks, which for me is pretty insane for what it seems like could be the level of performance with this for $150.


That is insane. Based on the fact that a lot of higher end polishers we’re pushing for 450 or up in that realm to get into something that could potentially correct your paint, perfect your paint and have is a general around tool, especially for the enthusiast. Someone that might not need a super expensive pro-level machine, but if you can still get pro level results out of something like this, I think that’s something that we definitely have to look into. So I’m, I’m just, I’m curious, I’m excited. And I’m looking forward to kinda messing around with this machine quite a bit. So let’s go right into it. Right. Alright, so let’s go right off the back. I love the packaging. Packaging is great. Expect nothing less from Griots, but it looks really cool. First things up, we have kind of a guide that we can, you know, for different Griot’s stuff.


Typical, awesome Griots fashion. We have a basically kind of a graph, a chart, if you will, of of basically different combinations, different pad and polish combinations that you can pair this machine with self. Just, just cool stuff, right? Just fun detailing stuff to mess around with. We have what it looks like a baggie here. What do we got in here? Griot’s out sticker. We have the backing plate tool to remove the backing plate. The thing, I did some research on this and then I think that I did love was the backing plates are interchangeable. So it comes with a six inch, but you can absolutely, absolutely put the five inch on there, which I know most detailers going to want to do. We’d like to work with five and a half inch pads. We’re going to want the five inch backing plate. It absolutely is something that you can do. So that’s a great thing. We have some different brushes. We have obviously the manual, which is cool. All right, and let’s just pull this machine right out.


We got that cord, put that to the side. So right off the bat feels really good in your hands. Just feels high quality, feels just well put together, which more so than this one. And this is a workhorse. This was kind of like, this was like, it never died, right? This was kind of the definitely the you know, the tried and true in this one feels more expensive just right out of the gate. You have kind of this soft touch rubber up here, which I like and you have this, I don’t know if you guys can see it, but you have almost these like finger slots right at the front. I don’t know what you want to call it, but it’s something where you can grip that, that portion of the machine really easily, which is nice. Same thing back here, soft touch rubber.


The dial is on both sides, which is kind of cool. So you can access though the machine speed right here from the top, which is pretty standard, but it’s much better than look back in the day, right? We had it back here. So if you’re up here polishing, you would almost have to reach back here. It seems like if you’re down here, you’re moving it and you’re adjusting the speed right here on the fly. That’s pretty cool. Trigger feels good. Little bit of resistance to it. Maybe not as super high quality as, as some polishes, just the trigger feel. But obviously once we, once we get it going, maybe that’ll change a little bit. Backing plate nice, again, this, like I said, this is the six inch, we can switch it to five inch, which is great. But just a nice machine.


Just really, I mean for the money, the crazy nice which is, which is really cool. So I’m sure some of you might be wondering why is the cord, you know, not attached to the machine. So it seems like they’re, with this particular machine, we have a detachable cord, so I’m trying to see if I could sneak this in here and a quick, real quick release right here at the bottom, pull it in, pull it out. That is pretty cool. I mean, for me, I am always in a bad habit where I, I’m not doing it right and I’m always wrapping up machines like crazy. And you know, over time the cord is kind of get, you know, they’re, they’re not so great. But that, that’s, I mean to be able to just put like this and store it. That’s awesome. That’s really cool.


And I think, I think, I think the thing that I’m most excited about with this particular machine is the fact that you can place it down now. Where this one, I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m sure you guys remember, you know, it’s gonna fall right over. So pretty, pretty cool. Pretty cool. I mean, just honestly right off the gate, I’ve never tried this machine thus far and it just feels high quality and I think for the price point it’s definitely something. I mean, we’re going to do a video just on testing this thing out and really putting it through the paces. But just right out of the gate man, it just feels really, really, really good in something that is definitely worth looking into for sure. Griot’s, again, they just, they always stand behind their products. They do a great job. I’m excited about it. I’m looking forward to testing it out. If you guys have any questions just about kind of what’s included with it, different obviously pads and polishes that can be used with it. Comment below. I’m looking forward. So I’m kind of doing my SEMA plans right now. Looking forward to be there. If you guys are going to be there, we’d love to hear from you guys. Comment below. Maybe we can get together and chat about detailing once we’re out there, but thanks for watching guys. See you soon.

James Melfi
Holliston, MA
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2 comments on Video | Griot’s Garage G9 Random Orbital Unboxing

  1. Gilbert says:

    The G9 really looks great and the Demo was really good I have a cheap buffer from Walmart and i used it very little on a truck before it was painted. Years ago a friend painted my truck and I burned the paint off in a place and ever since I have been afraid to use them . do you have any suggestions on not to burn the paint . Thanks and i will remember the G9 Thanks Gilbert.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Gilbert – In general, it is hard to burn the paint using a dual action polisher with paint from the factory. Issues can arise however with repainted panels as it all depends on the paint used, how thick the clear coat is, how the paint was cured, etc. Without measuring the paint, it is hard to say for certain how much clear your are working with, so I would only recommend a very light pad and polish combination to be safe.

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