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Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Wax Review


With summer right around the corner, many of us will be thinking it’s about time for a good detail to set the car up for the summer.  What better way to cap off all your hard work than by applying a carnauba wax to really set the paint off in the harsh summer rays.  In the summer months I tend to use one of my personal favorites (and a favorite among a lot of professionals and enthusiasts alike), Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Wax.

Blackfire Midnight Sun is the latest wax from Blackfire that delivers a deeper and wetter finish then any other product we have ever tested from Blackfire. Blackfire has put as much pure Brazilian Ivory Carnauba Wax in this product as reasonably possible with gloss enhancing oils. The addition of more carnauba gives this wax a harder appearance and feel to it. This creates a “hard candy” like effect, which really magnifies the paint and makes it look super glossy. The harder formula also offers stronger protection against abrasions and temperature change. After extensive testing and revisions Blackfire was able to keep this product very easy to apply and remove as well. Apply one coat by hand and you’ll be sure to turn heads with this outstanding wax. You can put it on the paint after washing, clay barring, polishing, glazing or sealing your paint. No matter what steps you’ve previously completed you will add significantly more gloss and depth the to the paint. Use the Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Paste Wax and see just how great your paint can really look!

Over my years of detailing I have been on the search for an affordable, outstanding looking wax.  One that gives depth, clarity, crisp reflections, and one that won’t break the bank.  After trying waxes from multiple different manufacturers ranging in price from $10 all the way up to $1,000 I found one of the few waxes that has made an impact on my wax collection, and one that will be continually refilled for years to come.

The wax that left such a big impact in terms of looks, ease of use, and price was Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Wax.

One of the main reasons this wax has become such a staple in my detailing arsenal was the look it gave on a variety of colors–but more specifically metallic colors.  After application, the depth given by the wax rivals that of the most expensive waxes on the market.  The clarity it brings through the metallic flakes allows colors to shine in the lowest light scenarios.  When you park you car in direct sunlight, however, the amount of flake pop from metallic colors is more than I have seen from a wax before.



Even on non-metallic paints, the amount of “wetness” brought to the paint is hard to beat.


At about $60 as offered by Detailed Image, I have found it nearly impossible to second the looks of this wax, at this price point.

Besides looks of a wax, the other big factor is ease of use.  After spending multiple hours prepping the paint for the final product, or last step product (LSP), the last thing anyone wants to do is fight the paint with the wax if it were to streak or not come off easily.  If applied thinly, and left to cure, this wax has become one of the easiest for me to use lately.  I am able to move my way around the car waxing, and by the time I finish every panel, I go right back around again buffing off the wax with a plush microfiber dampened a little by de-ionized water for quick and easy removal.

Using a Lake Country Red Foam Applicator Pad will aid in laying on a thin, but well-spread coat.  The applicator pad fits perfectly into the pot, and with the ultra soft foam, you can easily expect to get 20+ uses out of one pot.

When looking at the tub, it’s a thick frosted plastic with a gloss black plastic lid.  Opening the lid reveals one of the greatest smelling waxes I’ve come across–a vanilla/maple smell.  Now, I know smell has nothing to do with how the wax performs–but being able to enjoy the smell of a wax as you apply it makes it that much more pleasant!  If you can get passed the smell, and examine the wax, it seems a bit on the hard side.  But fear not! With a dampened Lake Country Red Foam Applicator Pad the wax is lifted with ease.

The last thing to consider with a wax is durability.  Now, you can’t expect a carnuba wax to last a year.  But with a well-prepped surface and gentle maintenance washes, it is not unheard of to get 1-3 months out of a layer of wax.  Your miles will vary with color, how much sun it’s exposed to, and your wash routine.  For added durability and effect, I would even recommend sealing the car with Blackfire Wet-Diamond All Finish Paint Protection before waxing, to add another 3-4 months of perfect water beading to the paint!

Overall, as I stated in the beginning, this wax is one of the best I’ve come by, of the 20-30 different waxes I have tried over the years.  The ease of use, durability, and of course, the look of this wax is hard to match.  I hope this review has aided you in making the all-important decision as to the rewarding look everyone is after spending hours prepping the surface!

You, too, can make your silver metallic reflect just as well as jet black!


Please, if you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to post below!

Aaron Baumann
AC Detailing
Freemont, CA

18 comments on Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Wax Review

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for the great review, Aaron! I have been wanting to try a new wax at this price point. Have used (and liked) Natty’s Blue and Purple Haze for a while now, along with Supernatural for special occasions. I think I’ll give this stuff a shot next order and see how it compares to the Purple Haze.

    • Joe, I definitely recommend this wax against Natty’s. Natty’s has GREAT value (I used up a whole pot), but Midnight Sun is on another level, in my opinion!

  2. Roger says:

    Great review. I use Midnight Sun regularly and my tubs have no smell (maybe a very slight wax smell)…I asked CMA if they had added one and they said no. Interesting yours smells vanilla-maple?

    • Roger, maybe I can’t explain what my nose is smelling–but it definitely has a “sweet” smell to it–and doesn’t smell like “wax” to me (when I think of wax smell, I think of turtle wax paste as that’s what I grew up with my dad using)! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Raoul says:

    Great review! I’ve been wanting to try this wax. How would you compare the application/removal to say Souveran?
    I’ve been reading a lot on how easy to use Souveran is, but have yet to try.
    I presently use Dodo Rubbishboys’ Juiced Ed, and find it a bit grabby to buff off. I have another wax, but am not sure I can mention it here since DI doesn’t sell it.

    • Thanks Raoul! Go ahead and mention it–no harm no foul. As far as application compared to Souveran I can’t comment as I have yet to use it. But, re: Rubbish Boys JE–I have Rubbish Boys Original Edition, and I’m thinking consistency between the two isn’t that much different. And RBOE is one of the hardest waxes to use I have come across. Not only does it need to be warm to apply correctly, but it’s a bear to buff off (like you experience with RBJE).

      Application and removal of Midnight Sun is just as easy as “the expensive waxes.” I have two pots of Swissvax (both cost a lot more than Midnight Sun) and application and removal is right on par with them both, and the look is very, very comparable. I truly believe Midnight Sun is the best bang-for-your-buck wax out there (from what I’ve tried and seen).

      • Raoul says:

        Thanks Aaron.
        The other wax I have is Fuzion. Have you tried that?
        If so, how can you compare it with Midnight Sun?
        I have an Ocean Mist metallic, which is very similar to the silver metallic above.

        • Ah, alas, I have not tried Fuzion either! I know some of the other pro’s have, so hopefully one of them will chime in with their comments.

          As far as bonding issues, one of my favorite and most popular combination’s for Midnight Sun is “Fire over Ice,” which is what I used in the last picture. It’s Blackfire’s Wet Diamond sealant under Midnight Sun. So I would definitely say “go for it!” for using Midnight Sun over Powerlock. With the reviews given of Powerlock throughout the pro and enthusiast community, I’m sure you’ll hit a home run with that combination!

  4. Raoul says:

    Oh one more thing Aaron,
    You think Midnight Sun would have bonding issues with Menz Powerlock?
    Thanks again!

  5. Roger says:

    I hesitated to reply, since I’m just an enthusiast detailer (but with about 40 years experience). I’ve applied both Midnight Sun and Fuzion over Menzerna Power Lock and see no issues, but again I am not a pro. I’ve used Souveran and it is super easy on/off, while I find Midnight Sun “just” easy. Midnight Sun is a great $60 wax.

    • Roger, thanks for the comment! With 40 years experience, I’m sure the only different between pro’s and you, is pro’s do it full time! I am glad you were able to share your experiences with the wax and with topping Powerlock. No better information than from those who’ve done it before!

  6. Roger says:

    Thanks Aaron. I started detailing cars for my dad in the 60’s….my corrections are of the 80-90% variety…I am not a wet sanding guy. I am amazed at what a GOOD pro can do as far as correction….and am also amazed at the time that is put in. I’m exhausted after 5 hours….and you guys do this day in- day out and for far more hours. I am very respectful of that. I enjoy trying new products and of course with proper prep, most any quality LSP will look very good.
    Enjoy the reviews.

  7. Norm says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the review! I was wondering if you’ve used Dodo Juice (non Supernatural)and get your opinion between the Dodo and Blackfire waxes.

  8. bob windsor says:

    I have two cans of supposedly 100% carnuba by Classic Wax which is not made anymore. Hard to get off. Should I use it or forget it, Ever heard of it. Bought it at a closeout in a flea market. Try a lot of things. Should I give it away? Thanks

    • Aaron Baumann says:

      Giving it away is up to you! But one of my biggest gripes about waxes is ease of use. After spending hours, sometimes days, polishing paint, the last thing I want to worry about is the wax being hard to work with. Ease of use is up there at the top of things to look for in a quality wax, along with the look, of course!

  9. Mike says:

    How do this compare to chemical guys 50/50 paste wax?

    • Aaron Baumann says:

      Hey Mike,

      I have not tried 50/50 personally, but from the reviews I’ve read about it–I would say it’s a step above it in terms of gloss, clarity, and durability.

  10. stan says:

    i used the BFMS over a layer of chemical guys Blacklight and a layer of chemical guys Jetseal 109. the results are very impressive. it rained last night. the beading on the car is ridiculous, how do you say, TIGHT!!!!!!!!

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