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Buyers Guide to PPF: Customer Clear Bra Maintenance Guide


CarPro Reload Perfect to Maintain PPF - Signature Detailing NJ

The importance of Regular Wash Cycles with PPF & Clear Bra

Vehicle surfaces protected with Clear Bra / PPF require regular surface wash cycles just like painted automotive surfaces. Regular maintenance washing ensures contamination does not bond to the surface.

This is important because some contamination including, bird bombs, tree sap, man-made chemicals, and others are very aggressive and may potentially damage surfaces if allowed to dwell on surfaces too long. Therefore, regular wash cycles provide a system to make sure contaminants do contact surfaces long enough to damage the film.

As added protection and easier cleaning, it’s a great idea to add a silica sealant application every 3-4 months to PPF after a thorough wash. A silica sealant adds enhanced hydrophobics (water behavior) to paint protection film which allows the applied film surfaces to stay cleaner for longer.

Paint Protection has two sets of care instructions:

  • The first is for the initial installation period from pick up to 14 days after installation.
  • The second is everything from 15 days on.

Below are the specific instructions for each time period.

PPF & Clear Bra Care & Maintenance – 0-2 Weeks After Installation

The first 2 week period after installation is critical to allow the paint protection film to dry and settle. Disturbing the film in this period can lead to possible: adhesive failure, lifting of edges, and or visual imperfections in the finish.

PPF Points to Remember 0-14 Days After Install:

  • Installation solution and water may take up to 14 days to fully dry. Allow everything to dry on its own. Under no circumstances do not touch or push on the film.
  • Never pick at film. This may compromise the installation and/or the adhesive.
  • No unnecessary water exposure or car washing for at least 7 days.

PPF & Clear Bra Care & Maintenance – Long-term Procedures

After the initial 14 day period, paint protection film is fully setup. However, the following regular points of care will ensure the film’s ongoing success:

Regular Maintenance for PPF (15 days and after):

  • Film Edge Cleaning: NEVER use a Pressure washer to clean PPF film edges. If dirty, GENTLY use a chenille microfiber wash mitt or boars hair brush to gently clean edges.
  • If using a pressure washer for vehicle washing, maintain a distance of at least 2 feet from all PPF areas in order to lessen the force around edges.
  • Keep a regular vehicle wash schedule. (E.g. once every 2 weeks for daily driven vehicles.)
  • Every 3-4 months apply CarPro Reload to the surface to help with ease of maintenance and water spots.

By following these care points your Paint Protection Film will be set up for full longevity. Additionally, the film will look its best while offering protection to all applied vehicle surfaces.

Always feel free to reach out to your installer after PPF installation if you have any further questions about the film.

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