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Buyers Guide to PPF: How to Choose a Quality Installer


Audi R8 Matte PPF Door Install - Signature Detailing NJ

Paint Protection Film can be an overwhelming decision as a first-time consumer. There is a lot of information floating around the web about the film. However, there is not much information about how to find a reputable and quality installer.

Because clear bra installation is a service, the best strategy is to find an installer who:

  • Understands your personal driving needs
  • Meets your professional criteria
  • Understands your vehicle
  • Is a professional that you may confidently trust with your vehicle

This article offers some basic guidelines to help you locate the best PPF installer for you.

Having a Tough Time Choosing a PPF Installer? Do Your Research

As a consumer, when choosing any service based business, you always want to find a balance of:

  • Correct decision based on YOUR vehicle needs & wants
  • Best Value
  • Skilled Labor
  • Great Customer Service

Therefore, the best course of action is to research as much as you can. This includes talking to trusted friends and family who are familiar with PPF & Clear Bra. Ask them what they liked or disliked in their experiences. Find out what helped them believe in the technology of PPF and what guided their trust in their installer.

Take the time to shop around, research heavily, and contacting a number of local installers. Do your homework. Look around. Ask questions until you feel comfortable and have gained enough information to make an informed decision for your situation.

Helpful Topics For Researching PPF/Clear Bra Installers

Here’s a list of useful information you might want to uncover to help you make the best decision for your vehicle. Find out about potential PPF installer’s:

  • Installation Expertise (Have they done many different types of vehicles?)
  • Overall Knowledge and ability to articulate it to customers
  • Recommendations for Coverage options, or just PPF information in general
  • Customer Service Philosophy
  • Helpfulness to Customers
  • Social Proof– What do other paying customers say about a business’s PPF/Clear Bra Services?
  • Overall Standing in Community vs. other businesses with similar services

Audi R8 PPF Edge Wrapping - Signature Detailing NJ

Direct Questions to ask Clear Bra Installers to Uncover Knowledge & Trust:

Submit these questions to potential PPF installers in order to help gain insights to find the best specialist for your vehicle:

  • What are your preparation steps for PPF installations?
  • What type of installation does the business perform: pattern or bulk, and why?
  • Please explain your view of paint protection film and how it practically functions to protect surfaces?
  • Which PPF coverage package do you think is best for my vehicle, and why?
  • What is your position on the protection offered by PPF vs. ceramic coatings?

By utilizing the topics and specific questions, from the previous two sections, you will be on your way to finding the best PPF installer for you. Additionally, you will uncover the philosophy of the business and its approach to client vehicles. These answers and conversations should allow you to get a better feel for a business and to establish trust with an installer.

Installers should have no issues in answering your questions and welcome the opportunity to explain their processes to you as a potential customer. If a business seems reluctant to openly sharing information, then that may be a red flag that is not the best option to protect your vehicle.

To read all of the articles in the Buyers Guide to PPF series, click here!

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