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CarPro EcH2o, Essence Plus & More! (SEMA 2016)



We got to see two new products from CarPro today at SEMA, the Essence Plus and EcH2o. Ech2o is a concentrated waterless wash that can be used in various different ways on various different surfaces. The Essence Plus, sounds like an enhanced version of the already popular Essence. We do not have much information on this new product, but we are intrigued to say the least! Also included in this post are new 2″ pads, the 2Face Microfiber Towels and upgraded 1L bottles across the CarPro product line. When we get these up on the site we will be sure to make an announcement asap. What do you guys think of these products!?

CarPro EcH2o Concentrate: Waterless Wash & High Gloss Detail Spray

EcH2o is an entirely new waterless cleanser and gloss-enhancer built on 2 years of research and development by CarPro Chemicals! EcH2o was designed to work in harmony with ceramic coatings and even provides easy cleaning of non-coated or waxed surfaces! Based on a SiO2 hybrid framework and an eco-friendly organic lubricant solution, EcH2o safely cleans and glosses a variety of exterior vehicle surfaces with ease! Paint and chrome take on an entirely new level of gloss and reflection with this incredible formula and better yet it is easy to use even in extreme heat and direct sun on painted surfaces! Our solution to providing a swirl free and eco friendly waterless experience is a blend of proprietary lifting agents combined with natural organic extracts and lubricants. The secret to the safe cleansing abilities provided by EcH2o is a combination of its modified high gloss SiO2 component and its innate cleansing abilities, which easily removes dust and light dirt whilst leaving behind a wet, glass-like surface! The finish left by EcH2o mimics the incredible properties that have become synonymous with CarPro SiO2 sealants and CQuartz coatings throughout the years! In conjunction with a quality microfiber towel, the lubricants aid in safely removing the larger particles from the surface while the remnants of the EcH2o solution become an active cleaner across the surface and begin to loosen any particulates that were left behind. Before the final step (noted in the product directions) the solution may dry to a fine haze indicating it is ready to wipe off any remaining product effortlessly!

As Quick Detailer:

  • Shake well and dilute 1:10~1:20
  • Spray, spread, and wipe off completely

As Waterless Wash:

  • Shake well and dilute 1:5 up to 1:10
  • Spray liberally across one entire panel
  • Lightly wipe with CarPro BOA towel flipping towel to fresh sides often
  • Spray once more across panel surface
  • Using a fresh BOA towel wipe surface removing remainder of dust and dirt
  • Move to next panel, repeat steps 2-5, and continue around vehicle
  • Final wipe entire vehicle with a fresh clean towel as needed


  • Test product on inconspicuous area before use
  • Store in cool dry place
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not ingest

CarPro Essence Plus: Top Coat Jeweling Agent

Imagination becomes reality… Introducing an incredible new tool for detailers around the world! Last year CarPro forever changed the landscape for detailers and this year they do so again! CarPro Essence PLUS is NOT Essence… This is an entirely NEW concept! Essence PLUS is a unique SiO2 nano coating made from a distinct blend of ceramic coat repair agents, high gloss quartz resins, and hydrophobic nanoparticles! The concept behind Essence PLUS was an extremely glossy, semi-permanent nano-agent for repairing durable ceramic coatings, which may have been abused or mistreated over the course of time! Historically, the only option that a technician had was to polish or compound the damaged ceramic coating and then re-coat, starting from scratch. With Essence PLUS, we introduce you to the first NON-abrasive solution to repair fine swirls in a damaged ceramic coating while simultaneously increasing the gloss, hydrophobic properties, and cleansing the surface beneath! The surface is left with a smooth as glass feel and excellent protection and durability of up to a year or more! Not only does Essence PLUS work great on coated surfaces but also offers an excellent option for those that are not ready for paint correction, but would like to add gloss and protect the paint!


  • Wash with Reset, and decontaminate with Iron X, Spotless, and if needed Tar X. Wash and rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry vehicle and wipe down with CarPro Eraser for clean oil free surface

Via Dual Action Polisher:

  • Prime CarPro Gloss pad with Essence PLUS
  • Apply with no pressure in multiple overlapping passes on speed 1-3 across 24” x 24” (60cm x 60cm) section
  • Wipe off with CarPro Microfiber Towel
  • Clean pad with brush and apply 4 Pea size drops
  • Move to next section and repeat steps 2 through 4

Via Hand:

  • Affix CarPro Gloss Pad to CarPro hand applicator strap tool
  • Apply Essence PLUS to the CarPro Gloss pad
  • Without pressure, apply in overlapping figure eight motions across 24” sq. ~ 36” sq. (60cm x 60cm ~ 90cm x 90cm) section.
  • Allow to dry to a slight haze and wipe off with CarPro Microfiber Towel
  • Move to next section and repeat steps 2 through 4


  • On coated surfaces – If using machine, use only with CarPro Gloss pad
  • On coated surfaces – Avoid “edging” pad into a curve and keep pad flush with paint
  • Keep container tightly closed after use
  • Keep container out of the sun
  • Test product on inconspicuous area before use
  • Store in cool dry place
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not ingest
  • Not for use as a primer

Mini Pads (2″)

There is a big demand for mini pads to use on many of the new smaller polishing systems, like the Rupes L DLX and DLX Kits. We made our famous orange, gloss and MF pads in 2″ sizes (50mm). These will sell only as the kit, which is show below.


2Face Microfiber Towel

This is a new simple, but quality microfiber towel that measures 40cm x 40cm. One side has short loops and the other side has slightly longer loops. Very soft feel, great for coating wipe offs as well! In fact, from this day further, it will be replaced in each CQ Finest kit instead of the Suede Microfiber Towel.


New 1L Bottles

From this day forward, all of our 1 liter bottles will be in grey color, instead of the clear bottles you are all used to now. This will allow us to have extra protection from UV rays and sun light, allowing for better storage and shelf life. We are also changing the safety child caps as well with a much better quality cap. Overall, our 1L bottles will be a much higher quality.


The CarPro Booth

Here are some additional photos of the CarPro booth at SEMA:

CarPro - SEMA 2016

CarPro - SEMA 2016

CarPro - SEMA 2016

November 1st, 2016 | SEMA

7 comments on CarPro EcH2o, Essence Plus & More! (SEMA 2016)

  1. Looks like some great stuff!

    • Joseph says:

      Do you think that carpro essence can be topped with this for the budget minded customers that don’t want to pay for 2+ year coating

  2. Joseph says:

    Topped with the essence plus

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Joseph – It is a good question! Since the Essence Plus does not correct and only tops, we do not see why not. We have however not had a chance to test the product and really play around with it yet. We are however excited to see what it can and can not do!

  3. larry Mc Gregor says:

    Zack I have some places after coating with CQUK that I must have missed in wiping as they appear cloudy, you recommended to use essence plus which I have purchased but I lost or do not remember your instructions for use on cloudy spots and minor scratches. could you please send them to me either here or at my email address?

    thank you


    • Reece @ DI says:

      Larry – The cloudy spots mean the coating was applied too thick in that area, and/or you missed wiping it down to remove any excess. I personally would first try wiping that area again. If it does not remove, then you will have to use an IPA wipedown or polish the excess coating away. Then once you are finished, you can reapply the coating to that area. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly here: https://www.detailedimage.com/Contact/

  4. ok, I spray on the a very small section with waterless spray on A Towel. I just wipe off with a clean MF cloth. I have a spray sealant underneath the waterless
    wash. Will the waterless wash take off my spray on ceramic coating? jerry.bream@yahoo.com

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