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CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer - 500 ml

Best Seller CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer - 500 ml
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CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer
500 ml
($0.08 / ml)
CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer
250 ml
($0.10 / ml)
CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer
1000 ml
($0.07 / ml)

Product Information

  • Primes surface for Cquartz or Reload
  • Enhances gloss, while filling in imperfections
  • Outstanding protection from durable Sio2 Quartz
  • Can be used by itself, or topped with your favorite coating
  • Product Codes: CP-ES50, CP-ES25, ES1L
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Customer Reviews

97% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 30 ratings

Product Description

CarPro Essence will perfect and fill in imperfections, all while priming the surface for Cquartz or Reload! Essence features a unique blend of nano-tech quartz, high gloss durable resins, and fine abrasives. These are all blended together in one amazing formula that allows you to enhance gloss and protect the paint all in one step! That means in less time you can remove swirls, fill in imperfections, enhance gloss, leave behind protection and prime your paint for a coating application. That's right, the cQuartz will bond to the Essence, making it the perfect product to use before applying your coating. Essence works great when applied with a rotary or DA polisher, or by hand if that is your preference. If you are looking to apply a coating, save valuable time while getting the most out of your paint by using the CarPro Essence first!

Professional Detailer Reviews

Given the excellent performance of Essence as a finishing polish, it seems like an easy decision to use this product if you plan to do a multi-step correction prior to coating as the product will create a gorgeous finish while also prepping the surface for the protective coating.
Product Review: CarPro Essence (Initial Impressions)
Essence has the potential to polish away light to medium defects and leave an outstanding finish to apply a sealant on top of. The combination of Essence + CarPro Reload has been one of our go-to pairings for AIO/light polishing jobs.
Product Review: CarPro Essence + CarPro Reload

From The Label

Product Description

Versatile extreme gloss primer
  • Primes surface for CQUARTZ or Reload
  • Semi-permanent filler
  • Adds SiO2 protection


  1. Shake well.
  2. For heavier cut use a CARPRO MF Cutting Pad and prime well. For maximum gloss use sparingly with CARPRO Gloss Pad.
  3. Spread evenly across section on LOW speed.
  4. Polish on MEDIUM speed.
  5. Wipe off and move to next section.

Manual Application
  1. Apply Essence to a sponge pad and work in a circular motion all over the surface.
  2. Wait 3 min to flash and wipe off with new MF.
Note: Clean pad often.

Clean pads and towel immediately after use.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great product. Easy to use and works great on sensitive paint systems prior to applying a coating as well as touching up areas with light scratches and water spots.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I bought this product to be used on decals to help revive vinyl decals. Some cars have decals that are very faded and dull. I watched a video from Apex Detail, and Brian used this product to bring some life back to the decal. I also like that this product can be used as a primer for a ceramic coating. No need to use a paint prep to coat the vehicle. Carpro Essence saved a lot of time, and it works well. I do recommend this product.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Excellent at enhancing dark colored vehicles for sure! Can be a little tricky/sticky to remove sometimes but I'm still experimenting with working times.

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