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Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – July 2015


AAP Blog Post Of The Month!

After spending over 6 months with the new Griots Garage BOSS tools, Rasky gives us his full review. Check out all of the BOSS product reviews here.


Detailing Industry News!

Brownie, a registered autopia.org user, highlights the Sub-Micron abrasives used in the Griot’s Garage BOSS Creams. Find out how using these creams, and the BOSS system, can help you accomplish an amazing finish in less time!


Looking to clean your dashboard and other interior plastics? Check out this video from Chemical Guys featuring the new Inner Clean!

Todd Helme, a registered autopia.org user, gives his product review of the Gtechniq C4. Find out why this may be your answer for trim restoration and protection!


New Detailed Image Products!

Scangrip Colourmatch LED Lights – Scangrip is bringing you the work lights of the future! From Multimatch, to Sunmatch, to the Matchpen light, you will have the right size light for any detailing situation. Check out the product reviews for these amazing lights here.

Griot’s Garage BOSS Products – The brand new Griot’s Garage Best of Show System, also named as BOSS for short, has hit the detailing industry with storm. Griot’s is “Driven to Perfection” with the development of this new system that includes everything from the buffer, polishes, and pads that all work together. Check out the product reviews for this great new line here.

Take a look at all of our new products by clicking here.

Detailed Image News!

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For complete information on our Refer a Friend program, including the rewards breakdown, click here.


Photo of the Month!

Detailed Image Instagram follower, jimmydever, shared with us this awesome foam shot! jimmydever used the Chemical Guys Honeydew, foam lance and a gas powered pressure washer to coat his VW MK6 Golf R.


Automotive Industry News!

Finally somebody works out an equation and answer to what the most American car really is. Do you have an idea of what it could be? Find out on popularmechanics.com.


What will replace the Bugatti Veyron? Introducing the Bugatti Chiron! caranddriver.com


This may be the most expensive car collection ever to make it to auction. Check out all of the cars pictured on popularmechanics.com.


Thanks for reading and if you like this article check out the Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly June Edition!

3 comments on Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – July 2015

  1. Benny says:

    . I current use a porter cable buffer and I really want to get a new one. Can’t really decide on what to go with. flex 3140 sound good but so does the Boss. Wanted to ask other detailers. Also I do this as a side job so on a good month I only do 4-6 cars. Want something worth my money and something that will last. All of Buffing pads are 5″ so I need one with that size plate.any help would help.

    • Brian Guy says:

      Benny, I don’t think you would go wrong with either! Both are great machines.Only thing I would debate is the Boss has not been around long enough to see how well they do in maintenance/parts/service etc.
      The Flex 3401 offers forced rotation and the Boss will bog down under a little pressure. The Boss may be a little more forgiving on the contoured areas of the car… but does have a larger throw.
      “Contoured areas” I personally would rather have the flex due to the smaller throw.
      “Flat panels” Boss for the flat panels to achieve faster correction due to the large throw.

      My advise would be get the Boss or Rupes 15. Your Porter Cable can always handle the contoured areas (small throw) and a large throw machine for the grunt of the polishing for faster results.

  2. Robert McCarty says:

    Bogging down is not a problem if you are using the correct technique. Remember with the long throw machines rotation is not always necessary due to the throw action and that is what makes these machines superior to the Flex for finishing. Use the whole Rupes system of pads and polishes and remember to let the machine do the work. The Menzerma line also works great with the Rupes because of the longer work times of the polishes. Get a Rupes 21 and a Rupes 75e Mini and you will have just about everything covered and you arm will not feel like you have used a jackhammer all day!

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