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DI Accessories Cotton Face Mask – My Experience


“I want to protect myself and protect others, and also because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that that’s the kind of thing you should be doing.” Dr. Anthony Fauci


You could say I have been a mask connoisseur for several weeks.  What you are looking at is the DI Accessories Cotton Face Mask. This makes for a great all-around mask in my opinion.

All Day Use

I really tested it out!  One day performing numerous shopping trips, cleaning my car, and having a phone conversation.  At no time did I feel any real restriction as a result of wearing the mask.  At one point, I had forgotten that I was wearing it.  This is definitely a durable but gentle two-layer piece of fabric.  The material is also gentle on the EARS, which has been a concern about many masks.


These masks have been through the washing machine (gentle cycle) SEVERAL TIMES already.  I have seen no signs of wear or degradation.

Putting It To The Test

I put it through a serious test.  A 2-mile jog!  This 2-mile jog concluded with a sprint up a deep hill.  It was not ideal and during the hill sprint, I felt the breathing constriction.  But I was able to complete my workout.  I am not necessarily suggesting wearing a mask while performing intense physical training in private.  But I wanted to be able to share the full extent of what you are capable of while wearing a mask.

Important Reminders

1.) The use of a fabric softener when drying is not recommended.  I unknowingly tested that out and it was noticeably more difficult to breathe through.  That was not a fun experience.
If you have already done this, here is how you can remove the fabric softener from the masks.  Rewash as you would normally until you reach the rinse cycle.  Right before the rinse cycle begins and after the water fills back up, add at least a cap full of distilled white vinegar.

2.) Also, If you look closely at the stitching of the mask there is a subtle difference between each side of the mask.  Although I have a preference, I really do not think it matters which side you wear the mask.  But I believe it is important you noticed this and make a mental note before putting it on.


If you have a larger face, the fit may not be bad, but not ideal either.  There is not that small, medium, large, or custom option.



  • Machine washable/durable
  • Very comfortable 2 Layer mask
  • Value – 10 For $39.99
  • Solid fit – for most faces (especially with cotton strap)


  • No nose strap
  • No filter pocket
  • Only a One Size option (though it should fit most)
Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

13 comments on DI Accessories Cotton Face Mask – My Experience

  1. Robert Heisler says:

    Quoting someone like fAUCi destroys your credibility.

    • Rodney Tatum says:

      It was not my intention to gain or maintain the credibility of EVERYONE when I wrote this article.

      I could have have replaced that quote with similar words from conversations I have had with friends of mine. Those friends include someone who lives in a county where hospital ICU beds had reached capacity, several nurses, a biochemist, and a doctor who practices in a area that has dealt with a huge spike in cases. Although these individuals are very dear to me, none of them are public figures.

      Anthony Fauci’s resume includes being the long time director of The National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases. I am very aware that public figures, who are by nature under a microscope, are a lightning rod for critique and cynicism from those who have their own unique perspectives.

      In brief it is a quote, from someone who is well known, that resonated with me and became a motivation for writing this review. Consequentially that quote became an ideal introduction to this article. I have never been interested in seeking neutrality for the sake of authenticity when I am putting an article together.

      I do believe Detailed Image has supplied us a really COMFORTABLE (i.e. no excuse) option to wear.

    • RICK OMEARA says:

      No, it does not.Believing someone like Trump certainly does, though.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Rodney,

    Can you tell me if the mask causes your glasses to fog up? I read that there is not a nose band and this usually keeps your glasses from fogging but the ones I have worn I saw no difference. And did you feel that it was restricing air flow during normal use or feel hot?


    • Rodney Tatum says:

      I actually did not have a glass fog up experience with one unavoidable exception, the end of that hour of intense cardio. At the very least even when running up a hill (which was at night in foggy conditions) there may have been some slight condensation. But in general I noticed a difference where other masks would easily fog up. I do believe this is due to how well the mask fits (contours) around the face, surprisingly without a noseband.

      Realistically I don’t think I can guarantee the mask would not fog at all or have the same affect on your face. Essentially the current of air that does escape upward from your breath due to internal and external environments contributes to the fogging. Taking an educated guess, the air that does escape is probably more evenly dispersed. I do believe its design makes it less likely and will less severely fog than some others.

      In terms of breathability, I had no problems whatsoever! The only issue, which wasn’t the mask, was me accidentally using fabric softener in the dryer. That wasn’t fun; though vinegar in the rinse cycle fixed that. I brought up my mistake in the article, because I do strongly suspect some of the breathability complaints stem from how some people wash and dry their masks (perfumes in the detergents). I have given these masks to friends of mine (male and female) who liked about the fit. I had one friend who did not like the fit, who has a large face. That is something to be mindful of. It probably fits perfect as a medium (solid small and large), and too loose as an XS and too small as an XL

      • Stephen Bryan says:


        Thanks for getting back to me with the details. Sounds like a well thought-out mask that fits the bill. Can you buy only 1 mask? My company supplies these for free but I would like to give one a try.


        • Reece @ DI says:

          Stephen – For safety reasons, we do not open packages and sell 1 mask at a time. These are sold in pre-packed 10 packs –

          • Stephen says:

            I understand but I would hate to pay for something that will not work for me so is there a way to sample a mask? Also, how effective is the mask?


          • Reece @ DI says:

            These masks are made from two layers of TC 30 yarn, 65% polyester 35% cotton. The filtration efficiency is 70%. These masks are not considered medical-grade but according to the manufacturer meet the CDC recommendation for general usage in covering your face. A group of researchers from Duke University released a study yesterday that testes out various types of masks on the market. This type of cloth mask will fit just below a medical-grade mask in terms of filtration, so it works better than many on the market, but it certainly is not a medical-grade option.

            These masks come in pre-packed 10-packs and are not sold as singles. We do not open these packs or offer samples at this time.

          • Stephen says:

            Thanks Reece! Maybe I can split with a friend. I would like to try them.


          • Stephen says:

            Hey Reece,

            Just received my order of mask and they seem to fit very well and wanted to ask should they be washed before wearing?


          • Reece @ DI says:

            Stephen – You certainly can wash before wearing. We recommend washing by hand and letting them air dry for best results.

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