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Gtechniq Applicators: When to use AP1 vs. AP2 vs. AP3


Gtechniq Applicators: When to use AP1 vs. AP2 vs. AP3

When applying a coating, the surface will dictate which one of the Gtechniq applicators I would use. Generally Gtechniq would recommend the applicator that comes with each coating as it is chosen specifically for that application.

I would use the AP1 applicator when applying Gtechniq G1, G5, C1, C4 and C5. These coatings are very easy to over apply as (C1,C4,C5) being quartz based coatings. Your applicator can crystalize through the application process, so having a throw away AP1 helps prevent this as it only absorbs a small amount of coating allowing you to apply as needed on the surface. This also helps when applying to trim as it is very easy to over apply and end up with application issues due to not leveling excess coating out of the pores of the trim. Generally I suggest AP1’s to most of our consumers to help prevent any over application and high spotting.

The AP2 applicator allows you to saturate your applicator when laying down your paint coatings. In most cases you will see all of our paint coatings come with an AP2. This is for the opposite effect of the AP1. With paint coatings evenly applying the coating is key, this helps to be sure you are using enough product when applying to the panel for a proper application.

An AP3 applicator comes in handy when using thicker coatings and polishes. They are also washable, so you have the option to use more than once! There are several Gtechniq products that are great to use with the AP3…

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