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DIY Detailing: Clear Bra Maintenance


Learn the maintenance needed for clear bra impact protection from Signature Detailing NJ.

At Signature Detailing New Jersey we strongly advocate Clear Bra (a.k.a. PPF or Paint Protection Film) as the only product offering true impact protection from road debris, door dings, chips, etc. to vehicle surfaces.

Clear bra unique composition requires specific maintenance practices and understanding in order to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. The maintenance instructions for clear bra can be broken up into two phases, two weeks post install, and everything beyond that.

What follows are out suggestions to allow you to maximize your vehicle’s clear bra protection for years to come.

New Clear Bra – First 2 Weeks After Install: Let it Set up For Success

So, your vehicle is protected and shiny from a freshly installed clear bra? Congrats on giving your vehicle panels the best impact protection possible!

Allow your Clear Bra some rest time during the 14 days after its installation. The clear bra requires time to set up and bonding in place with your car’s paint. Therefore, avoid ALL physical poking or prodding which could lead to lessened adhesive stickiness and wonky edges that could lead to dust and debris collection.

It’s best to let a new clear bra just sit stone silent, like Han Solo in a cryofreeze, while the installation magic has time to set in place for the long haul.

Clear Bra Do’s and Don’ts for the First 2 Weeks:

  • Hands Off: No touching, pushing, or picking at the clear bra! Think of the clear bra like a fresh poured concrete, leave it be so it can stabilize and set up for long-term stability.
  • No H2O Adventures: Wait 14 days before giving your car any water exposure. Let the adhesive thoroughly dry before the first wash. 30 days is even better.
  • Pressure Washer? NOPE–not this time. You need to wait for at least 2 weeks, and even after you must use extreme care with a pressure washer, never using it on clear bra edges.

Clear Bra Care – 15 Days After Installation & Beyond:

15 days post installation, your Clear Bra is fully set up and ready to rock!

But remember, regular TLC keeps clear bra looking and performing at its best. Here’s your care instructions for 15 days and beyond:

  • Edge Awareness & Cleaning: Keep those borders clean with a soft mitt or boar hair brush. Remember to use as little pressure as possible to avoid disturbing the adhesive. NO PRESSURE WASHERS ALLOWED ON CLEAR BRA EDGES–EVER!
  • Wash the Clear Bra Twice a Month (for Daily Drivers): Keep your car squeaky clean, giving your clear bra a gentle touch.
  • Every 3-4 Months, Top Up the topical protection. Apply CarPro Reload to make dirt and water slide right off like magic.

By following these tips, your Clear Bra will be your car’s best friend for years to come, keeping it looking stunning and protected from road debris, dings, and chips.

If you have any questions about your clear bra, always contact your original installer!

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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1 comment on DIY Detailing: Clear Bra Maintenance

  1. Jose P. Santos Jr. says:

    Hey Greg! Love that you used my Mini for your story! Greg and his team are clearly one of the best PPF Installers in NJ! He truly does an amazing job along with detail work that he puts into it, there’s no one better! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! Thanks for posting my Mini GP

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