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Driveway Shield TireBib: Introduction & Review


TireBib and Dressing

Almost a year ago I was introduced to some local entrepreneurs who invented a new product they wanted our feedback on. The second I saw the TireBib prototypes I knew it was going to solve a long standing problem for detailers and I was pretty excited. During that first meeting I was impressed as they asked lots of great questions and really listened carefully. They were kind enough to take in all of my criticisms and feedback to further shape their invention and business plan.

After that meeting I got a sample and wanted to test it out immediately. The product concept was simple enough so I went home believing the product would work but there was something within me that felt wrong using a spray on tire dressing in my garage. I love my garage and can’t stand dirt and leaves getting in there, so you might laugh if you saw how often I clean it. I have NEVER used a spray on dressing on my tires in my garage so this was foreign to me.


The TireBib slid around the tire relatively easily and I liked how snug it was to the tire. I couldn’t see any daylight between the TireBib and my tire so I proceeded with remarkable confidence and trepidation at the same time if possible. I shook the can and did two passes around the tire for thorough coverage. The TireBib did exactly what it should do and protected my garage floor and the tire looked great, I was impressed.

I did still fear there was some silicone hitting my garage floor that I couldn’t see with the naked eye so I wanted to run an experiment. I covered the floor around my tire with paper towels and put the TireBib around my tire and repeated the same application. I expected to see some specks of the tire dressing hitting the paper towels but was shocked when I couldn’t find any. I looked carefully and didn’t see any, I held it to the light and couldn’t see any and then I even wiped it on my hand and couldn’t feel any overspray. Again I was impressed and did the remaining tires with confidence. When I talked to Mike Bibbo, who invented the TireBib, he studied overspray patterns extensively and made sure the TireBib would protect the entire floor. In creating so many different prototypes he debated a smaller design but felt confident the larger size was necessary to thoroughly protect the flooring. This unit is approximately 51.625″ x 18″ x .1875″ by my measurement so it’s over 4 ft long and in my opinion is bigger than it looks in photos. Perhaps the design could be smaller but it seems to thoroughly protect the floor so I am not anxious for a smaller version. There are other factors that could impact your results like how you spray your dressing, type of dressing, tires, wind, etc. but with a careful application under normal circumstances it’s an outstanding product. My initial testing was on a low profile tire with 21″ rims and it slid on with ease. I decided I should also test it out on a much larger SUV tire with 22″ rims and it fit on there really well too. This required me to flex the mouth open a little bit while sliding it on but loved the snug fit. Lastly I tried it on a car with a 19″ rim and standard looking tire and it fit with ease, so I was pleasantly surprised by it’s versatility.

Driveway Shield TireBib Instructional Video

Source: YouTube


After my testing was complete I wrote them a long email about my thoughts and was excited to see where things would go next. Over the last few months we’ve been meeting periodically and I got to know them a little better as people and I could tell they are the type of people I like to do business with. They toured our warehouse and came away impressed by how clean and organized we are so the admiration was mutual. We agreed to work together and now we are the exclusive distributor of the TireBib which is available for purchase now. We’re super excited to introduce this item to the detailing community and hope it helps you apply tire dressings quickly and safely.

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5 comments on Driveway Shield TireBib: Introduction & Review

  1. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    I don’t get it! Is it for sale or not?

  2. JohnU says:

    Is the bib stiff to slide it under or rubbery.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      John – Think of the TireBib as a yoga mat. It is flexible, allowing you to tuck it under different size tires as needed.

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