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First Look: Gyeon quartz Q²M Tire Cleaner and Tire Express


This article is written by Jeff McEachran, National Brand Manager for Gyeon quartz USA and Owner of Denver Auto Shield in Denver, CO.

Each year, Gyeon quartz Distributors from around the world and the Factory itself descend on Las Vegas along with 160,000 other car nuts for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. The event is used globally as the release stage for the new product releases planned for the following year. This year was no different, with quite a few new products being released that will really compliment the Gyeon offering. I’ll touch on each over the next few months in a series of articles designed to explore the products and offer best practices in their use. The new products are on their way to the USA currently and will be ready to purchase January 2019.

First up, Gyeon quartz Q²M Tire Cleaner and Q²M Tire Express! These two products are designed to complement and add functionality to the existing Q² Tire solution. When done properly, Q² Tire can be a lengthy application. The tire needs to be completely clean and free of any contaminant or other dressing, the product applied in 2 layers and heated with a heat gun after application for absolute maximum performance.

Q²M Tire Cleaner is specifically designed to clean tires and rubber. It will effectively remove existing dressings and contamination from the tire. It is safe on all rubbers, including white walls. It is also safe on coated wheels and will not degrade the coating.

Q²M Tire Express is an easy to use water-based tire dressing. The application is very fast. It does not feel thick or oily. It can be applied to a dry or wet tire. And will leave a healthy satin look (if over applied in a dry application it can get a bit shiny…less is best). It can be used as a stand-alone dressing or as a top up over Q² Tire that will add great repellency.

I went through the full process below on a BMW 550i:

I started with a pretty dirty wheel, using Q²M Iron first to clean the wheel itself.

I let Q²M Iron dwell for roughly a minute and then agitated with a GYEON quartz Q²M Wheel Brush followed by a thorough rinse.

Up next, I went on fairly heavy with Q²M Tire Cleaner, directly on the rubber only.

I then agitated with a medium stiffness brush to work Q²M Tire Cleaner into the rubber and then rinsed thoroughly.

Up next is the application of Q²M Tire Express. I chose the wet application here to see how it performs. It was very convenient to handle the tire dressing application at the same time as the wash and get it complete. I use a GYEON Foam Block for Q² Tire because I have a million of them around the shop. I will be using a larger Applicator Foam moving forward, but this worked fine.

I then worked the product into the tire thoroughly until I felt like I had even coverage.

I left the tire to dry looking as it does below.

Once dry we were left with a very clean and satin finish. Very easy dressing to use. The wet method is very convenient and quick. This will be a great combination moving forward for easy tire care. It won’t replace Q² Tire for us but will certainly be used for quicker projects and top-ups of Q²M Tire.

Jeff McEachran
Jeff McEachran

13 comments on First Look: Gyeon quartz Q²M Tire Cleaner and Tire Express

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the write up Jeff. The finish looks nice with the wet method. Good to know that this can be used to top up Q2 Tire.

    The tire cleaner looks like it does a nice job cleaning the tire.

  2. Roger says:

    I wish Gyeon or another company made a product as good as Black Pearl for tires. Nothing I’ve used out performs Black Pearl but it is very pricey and would like to see them get some competition so they’d have to lower the price. Right now no-one makes a product the lasts nearly as long and looks as good.

  3. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Normally an iron remover will turn red if it encounters iron. Is Gyeon Iron a different type of iron remover or was the color off on the pictures? Thanks

    • Jeffrey McEachran says:

      No sir Q2M Iron will certainly turn purple when it encounters ferrous particles. The lack of color here simply means there was not a large presence of that contaminant on the wheel. It did turn a bit purple, but mostly broke down the dirt and cleaned easily.

  4. Roger K Rexroade Jr says:

    When does this combo come out? I have (7) other tire dressings and this one has peaked my interest due to a wet application, has to be a first of it’s kind but it should be expected from Gyeon!

    • Jeffrey McEachran says:

      We will have all of the new products released at SEMA in to our warehouse and ready to ship out to Resellers first week of January 2019 if all stays on the current schedule. The order is on a boat and on the water, so we should be in good shape!

  5. James Duhamel says:

    Is Gyeon iron wheel cleaner safe to use on carbon ceramic brake rotors?

  6. His Stigness says:

    Is Q2M Tire Cleaner safe for use on tires with Q2 Tire on it?

    If it’s not, do I just add Q2M Express on top of Q2 Tire without cleaning it with any tire cleaner or APC?


    • Roger K Rexroade Jr says:

      Its always a good idea to clean the tires before adding a new dressing, at the very least wash them when washing the car. Tire Express is made to be used with Q2 Tire.

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